Edwards Yes

SeevsPlace is now backing Edwards for President. We took a vote and all one of us have picked Edwards. Here’s why: Economists Warm Up to Edwards and Edwards Calls for Quick End to Iraq Training.

Open discussion, even criticisms, welcome from my vast panolopy of readers. 😕 😉

I’m predicting he wins in Iowa today. 😯

UPDATE (10:15pm): Whooops, it looks like Obama takes it by a 37% to 30% margin with Edwards and Clinton in a virtual tie at 30%. Well, I could live with Obama. Maybe the rest of the country could too. It would be fitting if he could beat McCain in a Obama vrs McCain national contest with Joe Lieberman the VP under McCain.

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  1. GeologyJoe’s avatar

    My wife is an Edwards supporter. But something about his trial lawyer background makes me uneasy.

    I haven’t seen all the results yet, but I hear that Hillary fell to 3rd. :mrgreen:

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, good for your wife, Joe! But I have to admit I have queasy feelings about him too. Although I think he’s right, I worry about the intensity of his progressivism. Will it turn off too many? Will he even maintain it once he’s in office, given his previous record, which he now disowns?

    I’ve started listening to Obama speeches, including his victory speech last night, and he might be just the salve the country needs, just the magnet that could bring disparate groups together.

    The main thing in my mind is to elect a Democrat and to defeat McCain (the likely Republican nominee if the minority sane part of that party gets its way, perhaps thanks to Independents) at all costs! An Obama vrs McCain battle would be ironic, given McCain’s previous condescending and angry attitude toward Obama in the Senate.

    But it’s not over yet. Edwards might yet pull it off. Who knows?

  3. Steve Hayes’s avatar

    Yesterday I woke up to his victory speech, and thought it was pretty good. It took quite a long time before it became apparent that he hadn’t won, he’d just beaten Clinton to second place.

    But that’s the media for you.

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, Steve. Yes, the media here is often fond of hyperbole. They’ll be analyzing the size of his victory tomorrow in New Hampshire, and now if he doesn’t win really really big, some of the MSM will start saying he’s no longer inevitable, not that he was inevitable before the NH vote.

    whoops: I think you were talking about Edwards beating Clinton to second place. Sorry, I didn’t read carefully. Above I’m referring to Obama, not Edwards. I’m still torn between Edwards and Obama but am leaning towards Obama now.


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