Ron Paul Speaks

Here’s Ron Paul on Meet The Press yesterday, December 23, 2007. If only he weren’t for elimination of the income tax! His foreign policy, which he gets into in the later part of this interview is right on! Listen to Tim Russert try to trick him into saying he supports Al Qaeda. It doesn’t work!


UPDATE: Josh Marshall has a worthwhile post on the Ron Paul alternative universe here.

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  1. GeologyJoe’s avatar

    I agree with you Mard.
    Ron Paul is almost the guy.

    Maybe we can get him to team up with Denis Kucinich?

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Well, the way things are going, Ron Paul will have plenty of money to start a 3rd party candidacy. If he could put Denis Kucinich on the ticket as VP in charge of domestic affairs with Ron handling foreign affairs, we’d have the best of all possible worlds. Ron could take votes from the Republicans and Denis from the Democrats. That should do it! Who knows? Stranger things have happened, huh?

  3. annette Ekstrand’s avatar

    Hi Marde,
    What a great ticket!!! Livingin NH, we get exposure to all the candidates and I have been really impressed with both of them. Haveyou seen the babe Denis is married to? He must have something to have married her.

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey Annette, welcome and Merry Christmas!
    Yes, you get that exposure in NH. And ahem, yes, I’ve seen photos of Denis’ nice Brit wife and listened/watched her on YouTube. See here for comments. GeologyJoe had to explain to me what a tongue stud is! :roll:

  5. Michael’s avatar

    I will still caucus for Paul. He is not the best Libertarian running, but he is the best Republican candidate running and so I will support him within the party that I’m registered for.

    That said, his WEAK attempt at justifying the Earmarques that he has attached to Defence Spending Bills really upset me.

    Oh, yes… ultimately he voted against the Bills that he added pork spending for TX to, but he knew they would pass. This makes him a hypocrite in my eyes, not part of the solution.

    Mardie, have you looked at the Fair Tax option yet?
    I have the more in depth book on it if you are interested. I really wish that Paul would be a stronger supporter of it. (Rev. Huckabee is.) It allows us to eliminate the runaway/intrusive power of the IRS, would tax EVERYONE even those in the underground economy) and most importantly protects those who make the least money in our society.

  6. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, I’m aware of the Fair Tax option, and have not been impressed. However, you’ve given me a good link, and I’m in the process of going through the FAQ there. On the earmarks, I think the problem is they need to be made public, not hidden, so that giveaways to lobbyists, for example, can be prevented. Some earmarks I think serve useful purposes that government should support.


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