Prez Impeached Song

OK, all together now. Sing to the tune of All I Want for Christmas is My TWO Front Teeth:

All I want for Xmas is the Prez impeached, the Prez impeached, the Prez impeached.

All I want for Xmassss is the Prezzzzzz immmmmpeeeeeeached.

Acknowledgement for this goes to a Kathleen (no link supplied) on comments to a post on The Washington Note.

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  1. Dragonstar’s avatar

    Now I have my (4) front teeth safe again, I think that’s the next best thing (if a non-American is allowed to say that!)

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Let’s see… what are you saying here? If the Prez is impeached for Christmas then your (4) front teeth are safe again and not threatened by our looney Prez, not to mention the loonier Vice Prez who of course would have to be impeached along with Prez, or we’re in deeper trouble than before? âť— âť—


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