More Snow

I was out again this morning with the snow thrower clearing out the driveway. We got another three inches of snow last evening. We’re beginning to build up quite a snow pack. Now the big one is due Saturday night and Sunday. It’s supposed to be a strong Nor’Easter.

Cynthia is very worried about my going to Llanda’s party Saturday night in Northborough, Massachusetts. That’s because after I stay overnight at Nadeem’s I might not make it home in the morning. I’ll have to let her use the Subaru with its nice All Wheel Drive to get to church which means I’m stuck with our two wheel drive light truck which doesn’t like snowy hills. I can’t make her use the truck because she might get stuck.

Well, tonight will be a test for the truck because I’ve been invited by the Gillinghams to have supper with Chet while the women of the church have their annual Christmas dinner together in Harrison. The Gillinghams live part way up the Hawk Mountain road so that ought to be a good test for the truck. I’d better make it or I won’t have any supper. boo hooo

Ain’t Christmas fun in the snow? I always threaten to fly to Aruba but never do.
😆 :roll:

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  1. nash’s avatar

    Hey OG, I’m not sure its a good idea to risk driving through the snow to get to Llanda’s party…Just make sure the snow comes after the driving is done if you do go…We need you around ya know!!

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey Nash, thanks for the comment. I’d be driving down tomorrow, Saturday, when it’s supposed to be fair but cold. It’s the coming back part that could be the problem. Of course, I could wait ’til Monday but I don’t want to impose on Nadeem’s hospitality, plus who would shovel out Cynthia? Then again it might get bad by Saturday night, in which case I might get stuck at Llanda’s and impose on her hospitality.

    No good options, huh? Thanks for your concern though. I’ll definitely take that into consideration — I want to be around too!! 😎

  3. GeologyJoe’s avatar

    The first storm is always fun.
    After that its starts to be all work.

    Good luck. you might want to get some sand bags for your truck or a few bags of concrete work well too.

  4. barbara’s avatar

    Hi Mardé,
    Yes snow… it’s mighty pretty when you are in front of the window, enjoying the scenery. But, what a pain for driving!! We don’t get even half the quantity of your snow; it’s starting to be rare here in the French flat lands ( it depends on the year for the mountains).

    You all stay safe .

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, Joe. I did make it OK over to Chet’s on Hawk Mountain road even without weights in the back of the truck. That road is also known as Skunk Alley to the locals, but it’s now paved and was cleared of snow. We used to have a couple bags of sand in the truck but they rolled around. Yes, concrete would be good.

    Thanks, Barbra. Yes, snow is pretty to look at, plus I like to check out animal tracks when I snow-shoe. They’re mostly deer but some coyote plus plenty of squirrels, and porcupine tracks in certain areas. The people in the north of Maine, say Aroostook County, call us in west-central Maine “flatlanders”, but still we get snow. So, you’re in the French Flatlands? 😀

  6. Dragonstar’s avatar

    I hope your weekend went well. So much snow is quite foreign to us coastal types.

  7. Mardé’s avatar

    We are getting a TON of snow! The wind is strong, the snow is blowing, and the temperature is about 5F which is -15C, according to my calculations. Brrrrrr We already did a little shoveling just to try to keep ahead. And we’ve got more wood in for our wood stove. (We also have oil heat.)


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