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That’s very interesting about your granddad serving on the Arizona. Yes, I’m sure he lost some buddies. Interesting you found letters from him. Well worth keeping. Yes, it must be a moving experience to look down at the remains of the Arizona. I’ve never been to Pearl Harbor, or for that matter Hawaii.
Thanks pal,

By: barbara Thu, 13 Dec 2007 16:57:48 +0000 Hi Mard,
I had been so busy these past two weeks, but when 7 Dec comes, I cannot forget what that date is.
It happened where I lived.I have been there several times, either with visiting family or friends. It is quite a moving experience to be there and look down on what remains of her.
Also by a curious coincidence, my Grandad, John Bernard Sr, did serve during a few years on the Arizona. I found a few letters at my Mom’s home where he writes from the vessel.
He was not there when it was bombed, but thousands of others were, and I’am sure that he lost more than one buddy :sad: