Has Flew Flown?

Antony Flew is a famous atheistic philosopher, well, was a famous atheistic philosopher. It seems late in his life he’s flown away from atheism: Flew flew? Who knew? :roll: 😉
Here’s a head shot of him from his wiki:

Well, maybe just edged away, not really flown? Back in 2004, in an interview with the Christian philosopher Gary Habermas, he claimed then to have changed to deist from atheist, but a deist in the sense that God is the first cause, not a being who acts in the world. He rejected revealed religion, the afterlife, God as a source of good, and the resurrection of Jesus as an historical fact. Pretty weak kneed Christianity?

Later he seems to have moved a further notch back toward atheism by rejecting the fine tuning arguments which earlier he said were the basis for his “flight” from atheism. Still, in late 2006 he joined 11 other academics in urging the British government to teach intelligent design in the public schools.

Very recently, Flew has come out with a new book, There Is A God with Roy Abraham Varghese listed as co-author. However, this book has become controversial through an article in the New York Times which claims that Varghese wrote most of the book and that Flew had flown off into mental decline. This article is quoted at length here, where the view that Flew has simply flown off the deep end is emphasized, and Varghese has responded. The debate flows on.

I stumbled across further discussion of the “Has Flew Flown?” controversy here. This is a very interesting discussion or debate on the nature of reality, flying off from Flew, by some pretty interesting people, although there’s also some acrimony and name-calling there. Typically, anything goes in the blogisphere….. On reading more, I see there’s a very interesting conversation going on there between John Loftus and Bill Gnade, which I’m now trying to follow.

UPDATE: The amazing conversation between John Loftus (Atheist) and Bill Gnade (Christian) can be followed here.

  1. barbara’s avatar

    Hi Mardé,
    That’s the first time that I heard of Mr Flew and his teachings. But, I try and keep some of an open mind as I go through blogs.
    I will look at your links.
    Just want to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving together.

    See you after the holiday .

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, Mr. Flew was not so well known until he switched (sort of) from being an atheist, then he got a lot of publicity. Thanks for wishing us a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did have a great one, all ten of us.
    Thanks for your message, Barbara, and I hope the strikes over there in France aren’t throwing everything in turmoil.


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