OK, I’ve switched to Bill Richardson now. He like, Ron Paul, and Denis Kucinich, wants out of Iraq NOW. Here he is at that debate talking about his education plans:


I’d go for Denis but I don’t think he has a chance to get nominated, and Ron is too far to the right for me on non-Iraq issues.

  1. Steve Hayes’s avatar

    I did a couple of those quizzes to find out what US Presidential hopefuls were stood (ran?) for, and it seemed that the ones closest to my views were Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. This Richardson fellow didn’t feature.

    But Ron Paul is still the only one who appears on the Technorati top 10, so he must be leading the blogosphere.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for your message, Steve. I tried a couple of those quizzes too, but never came up with Ron Paul, not because of his anti-war stand but because of his anti-government and anti-tax stands. Many people ignore that, or they agree with it because they’re libertarians.

    That’s very interesting about Ron Paul being the only one on the Technorati top 10.


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