We’re Winning!

Here’s an excerpt from Juan Cole this morning:

The House of Representatives attempted to put strings on Bush’s latest supplemental for Iraq and Afghanistan, including a timetable for US military withdrawal. The bill they passed is expected to be defeated in the Senate and would in any case be vetoed by Bush. The Republican representatives are claiming things are just great now in Iraq (nearly 1000 persons a month are still being killed there even by the sketchy official statistics; as late as this September, the number of displaced persons increased by 16%; there is now active fighting on a new front, between Turkey and the Kurds holed up in northern Iraq; security is apparenlty collapsing in the port city of Basra; and Baghdad has in the past 10 months gone from 65% Shiite to 75% Shiite). Democrats warned against another 10 years of war at the cost of trillions of dollars.

So, things are just peachy in Iraq now. The Surge has worked. Bush was right all the time. Then, why not bring the troops home? Hey, who said anything about bringing the troops home? Didn’t you know we’re supposed to stay there for the next ten years, at least? Who knows what the Islamo-Fascists might do in that region of the world?

Fighting them over there means we don’t have to fight them here! Get with it, Sheaple! :roll:

And will the corporate mainstream media (MSM) go along with the above picture? Most likely. Makes one almost want to vote for Ron Paul. 😉

  1. Danielle’s avatar

    Did you ever in your pre-blog life think you would use the word sheeple?

    Makes me more sure of my vote for Kucinich. He put impeachment on the table and the majority of Democraps voted to table it and ultimately put it right back into the committee from which it came.


    Support our troops by getting them outta there! Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld can go in and clean up the mess they made themselves!!!!

    Wishing you well….

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Hi Danielle,
    No, I never thought I’d use it. It is a little patronizing. Who am I to pass judgment? But you’re right about Denis Kucinich. He put impeachment on the table and he has plans similar to Ron Paul — support the troops by getting them outta there! In reality, because of the atmosphere, the culture, and the media, who can be elected president in this country? Hard to change things.
    Wishing you well, too.


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