Veterans For Peace

Today is Veterans Day. Here’s a video, “VFP” Veterans For Peace, created by Tom Chelston of TomSongs.


As pointed out by Juan Cole this morning, this group, VFP, and others like it are being denied permission to march in Veterans Day commemorations. Can you believe that?

  1. Michael Eric Berube’s avatar

    As an Army veteran who likewise swore “to support and defend our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic…”, I have to believe that there must be something more effective than simply marching in the streets banging on plastic pails and carrying signs in support of rational Peace, stable diplomacy and free trade with all nations. (note to any Homeland Security types reading this…I’m not talking about Jeffersonian Armed opposition to my Government but rather am seeking a peaceful political solution to the defense of our Constitution.)

    I prefer substantive action to symbolic action.

    Yeah, I was there:
    when we staged the largest demonstrations that the planet has ever seen on the 15th of February, 2003 to try to speak Truth to Power and let them know that we did not support their actions of undeclared unconstitutional pre-emptive wars. Did this help?

    Such symbolism (even on that massive global scale) did us no good at all. Worse, it gave folks the FEELING that they were making a difference, and gave many of them permission to say “I did my part!” and to do little else.

    Sorry. The 60s are over. Marching in the streets (when it is covered by the Corporate Media at all) is sidelined as the futile fun of a few Hippy throwbacks and angst ridden college types who’ve nothing better to do. (“Those liberals will protest anything and everything…is Survivor on tonight?”)

    The status quo of Republicans and Democrats don’t care about anything beyond the next election. Consider that it took the complicity of ‘both’ parties to relinquish their Constitutional War Powers to the Exectutive and get us into this mess in the first place…In spite of the spin by the leading (lying) Dems that they ‘have always been against these wars’…the leaders were either complicit in Bush’s plans or too naive in believing his spin to be allowed to continue in national office. On the other hand, the fact that so many folks today who (wrongly) call themselves conservatives (traditional values indeed!) are so willing to force our proud and effective military personnel to continue to try to act as policemen in a nation building exercise completely contrary to the very Constitution that they swore to support and defend makes me ill.

    The facts are neither party really cares all that much about making the changes in our foreign and energy policies that would largely solve our ‘middle east’ problems.

    Compared to our other wars in previous centuries, these wars are costing us far too small a percentage of our GDP, and costing us too FEW of our committed troops and too much money is actually being made in the contrast to really worry overmuch about moving toward a real solutions and eventual extrication.

    No, We The Sheeple LOVE to be patted on the head by our paternalist cradle to grave government and to be told that it will all be OK that we are winning aginst those bad brown skinned islamo-fascists who only hate us because we like mom, chevy’s and apple pie and that our Nation still shines out on a hill as a beacon for Truth, Justice and Liberty. We want to believe and be told this even when the actions of our Nation are actively promoting just the opposite of the promises to those ends made by our Constitution.

    So, yes Marde, I can believe that VFP is being denied permission to march in Veterans Day Commemorations. Allowing them to do so would disturb the illusion by suggesting that not all Veterans are perpetuating the lie that we can ‘win’ a so called War on (of) Terror against a people who feel so powerless against our Nation’s policies in their countries, supporting their Dictators (so that we can fill our SUVs) that they are happy to blow themselves up to cause us even a little bit of pain.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    OK! Way to go, Michael! Thanks for your great message! I’m looking at the photos….



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