Me and Politics: Update

OK, things are coming down to the wire now. Next Tuesday, election day, is looming. I’ve been the central contact for the Democratic party here in Denmark. I’ve been besieged by the Bryant brothers, Senator Bruce and Representative Mark, but I must say I’ve enjoyed their enthusiasm, dedication, and humor. We put up about 45 Kate Smith “lawn” signs in Denmark plus five large Kate Smith signs. I wrote a brief letter to the Bridgton News last week supporting Kate Smith and they put it on the front page of their Opinions%Comments section. Here it is:

Kate Smith offers a new and youthful fresh face to the tired multi-county district 99 seat represented for so long by the distracted Phil Cressey. She is a woman of considerable energy and talent who has convinced me that she will provide balanced perspectives on her top priorities of health care, jobs and education. By a balanced perspective I mean that all-important balance between needs and taxes. The seat requires someone who is reality based and not given to extremist positions on either the left or the right. To my mind, Kate Smith fills that need and then some! She will definitely get my vote on November 6.

Of course, there was a longer, more detailed letter from a Denmark Sarty supporter directly above mine. But that’s OK. There were two other Kate Smith support letters on the next two pages but no other Sarty support letters. This morning, as I write this, Kate should be at the Denmark Town Dump — whoops, I mean Transfer Station — talking to Denmark voters and passing out her literature. She told me last eve that her father will be there with her, minding the baby, and that another person will be helping her meet people. I should stop now and go there myself to say Hello.

UPDATE: As I drove in the yard of the Transfer Station I spied her talking enthusiastically to a large tall man. She herself is slim and maybe 5 foot three. What a contrast! She waved vigorously at me in the midst of her spirited conversation. Her father was in her car, leaning over the front seat, playing with her smiling baby in a chair in the back seat. I gave Kate five more signs, assembled by Senator Bruce Bryant who had arrived at our house about 8:30am. He also made more for me and then left for Baldwin to put up more signs there. Later I brought to Kate the walking list of Dems that Mark and I had used the previous week, along with the Google maps I made, and she was excitedly grateful. She is an amazingly enthusiastic young person, age 31, with Ralph Sarty Jr. exactly twice her age at 62. All I can say is, if she doesn’t win this one, it won’t be because of lack of enthusiasm, charm or optimistic go-get-em-ness.

Here are photos of the candidates. Pretty easy to tell which is which. 😀

  1. barbara’s avatar

    Hi Mardé,
    How’s life ?
    I’am just catching up with your posts. How interesting to hear about your local elections.I know nothing about your district and the individual candidates. But, it is always interesting to see Democracy function on the local level.

    Now that you have introduced us to these candidates, you have to keep up updated with the race.

    You take care, and see ya soon.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Hi Barbara,

    Life is a little hectic for me right now. I’ll be glad when this election for District 99 is over. :roll:

    This afternoon I’ll have to call some people and put up more Kate Smith signs.

    Who’s ahead? Who knows?! But we’ll soon find out!

    You take care, too, and see ya soon. :smile:

  3. GeologyJoe’s avatar

    Even though I’m not in this voting district it’s always nice to see people under 50 trying to get into the political game in Maine.
    Some of the best ideas have come from ‘radical youth’. Some pretty bad ones too but I digress.

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for your comment, Joe. I think you’re right on both counts!

    In the case of Kate Smith, I think she’s not radical but still imaginative and, the term I like, reality-based. She pretty much agrees with Sarty, I think, that this school consolidation plan may have to be scrapped or greatly modified because of the many small towns, widely separated, in Maine. But she’s far less bitter than Sarty and far more positive in her thinking: let’s not throw out taxes but balance them against needs, always projecting a bright future.

  5. NK’s avatar

    Hey OB,

    I cannot take the excitement any more, what’s the verdict?
    Experience or youth?


  6. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey NK! Thanks for the question! Right now, I still don’t know the answer, but my gut feeling is that youth may need some experience…..



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