Me and Politics

I’m getting sucked into it. They keep after me. I well remember that time up in Norway, Maine, I walked into the Democratic party office, and there was Cathy Newell letting me relieve my frustrations by signing my name and email on the list for volunteers. That’s when it all started. She’s been after me ever since.

Now around noon today Senator Bryant is arriving with 30 or 40 more Kate Smith signs for me to put up in Denmark, (Maine, that is) plus a brand new Democratic voter list prepared for me by Cathy. So who is Kate Smith? She’s of course not the “God Bless America” Kate Smith but a newer, younger woman of the same name running for state representative of Maine District 99 (Whatever happened to Agent 99?). District 99 includes Denmark, Baldwin, Sebago, Cornish, and Limington, Maine, and covers three counties.

Kate faces a formidable opponent in Mr. Ralph Sarty, Jr., of Denmark. There are lots of Republicans in Denmark and throughout District 99. But some of them in Denmark don’t care for Mr. Sarty, and yesterday I stumbled across one of these anti-Sarty guys who happily put up a Kate Smith sign on his lawn and took two more for his friends. Then he referred me to another Denmark anti-Sarty Republican who put up the remaining two signs out of my 15.

But now I’ll be getting 30 or 40 more! Also, Cathy mentioned something about political training classes for volunteers. How deeply am I being sucked into this? How much resistance do I put up? At least today I heard from another person in town who wants to help me.

  1. GeologyJoe’s avatar

    Remember that it is VOLUNTEER service. Don’t be guilt tripped into more than you are willing to do with a smile.

  2. sleepylakate’s avatar

    Yeah, Dad, what GeologyJoe said!
    Do what you can and don’t ever be ashamed to say NO. You do a hell of lot more than most of us. (Me, for one.) 😉

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Well, as you can tell by my posting, I have mixed feelings. Part of me does enjoy it. The Bryant brothers, Mark, state rep, and Bruce the Senator, are fun to work with. But you’re both right. I gotta remember I’m a VOLUNTEER. I may refuse the “training”, with a smile perhaps, or not a smile. 😀

    Thanks for your good comments!

  4. Danielle’s avatar

    I’m been a stranger for awhile but now back in the blogosphere. Your service is just that yours. Activists and especially “party” activists can be very pushy and if you feel as though you are being pushed that is not going to create positive change.

    I have a new spot on the web at and will delete the one on blogger at the end of the month.

    It feels good to be back.

    As always wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.


  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, great to see you again, Danielle! Good analysis in your first paragraph — yes, being pushed does not leave positive vibes on the pushee!

    I’ll check your new spot asap. I’m going over voting lists at the moment.

    Wishing you the best too,


  6. Valentin’s avatar

    hey, Marde, count me in too for signatures !

    OOOOOPS ! Sh**.. ! ..I`m not US citizen .. danm …

  7. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, that’s OK, Val, no one will know. Just sign anyway! (But be careful of Rendition. :mrgreen: )


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