Free Hugs!

Kat on Doing It The Tiny Bellows Way And Adding A Little Magic brought my attention to this upbeat video. It’s great fun and should bring a few smiles!


  1. barbara’s avatar

    Awh… that was very nice !!
    Although, things were far from rosy for him in the beginning. Interesting that fully clothed adults must refrain from non-intimate contact.
    And the petition ! Free Hugs for all !

    I have heard about this happening in Paris, but have never witnessed this myself. No problem for myself accepting, but I think that my hubby would be reserved !

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Well, I’m all for it! When you get to be my age, all hugs are precious! 😆

    Glad you enjoyed it, Barb, here’s a free hug for you: {{..}}, if that’s the proper symbol! 😀

    Yes, it was interesting about that petition and the effort he had to go through for such a simple thing.


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