Supreme Disgrace

At last one member of the MSM (Main Stream Media) has spoken out about the refusal of the SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States) to hear the Khaled el-Masri case. Thank you New York Times!

Here is “an innocent German citizen of Lebanese descent who was kidnapped, detained and tortured in a secret overseas prison as part of the Bush administration’s morally, physically and legally abusive anti-terrorism program”, and the SCOTUS refuses to hear the case! What is this country coming to? What has it become?

Here’s the final paragraph of that editorial, but try to read the whole thing.

In refusing to consider Mr. Masri’s appeal, the Supreme Court has left an innocent person without any remedy for his wrongful imprisonment and torture. It has damaged America’s standing in the world and established the nation as Supreme Enabler of the Bush administration’s efforts to avoid accountability for its actions. These are not accomplishments to be proud of.

An understatement, if anything.

  1. Steve Hayes’s avatar

    What was that about “land of the free”?

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for the comment, Steve. Yes, what about that “land of the free”? Perhaps the “and the home of the brave” part that follows it still applies. You have to be brave to live in America…. I joke with some friends, “Ya gotta be tough to live in Maine.” Well, is it coming to this: “Ya gotta be tough, and brave, to live in America?”

    Nawww, can’t be. :roll:

  3. Be a Good Daughter’s avatar

    Hi your comment is delightful.
    I will definitely read your site..
    See ya

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    OK, thanks “Be a Good Daughter” for your comment. The question is, “Are you a good daughter?”. 😆


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