Screw the Refugees!

Yes, that’s what the Bush-Cheney administration is essentially saying, Screw the Refugees, as they continue to give our “war of liberation” in Iraq first priority over everything!

How many Iraqi refugees have we created so far? Oh, merely five million and counting!

What has the Bush-Cheney administration done about it? According to Bill Frelick of Human Rights Watch, not much:

How many Iraqi refugees did the U.S. resettle in 2006? It settled 202. The State Department said it would resettle 7,000 this fiscal year. Halfway through, it has admitted 68. (…)

What can we do about it (in a small way, to be sure)? Join the Collateral Repair Project. Yeah, let’s repair the collateral damage that the Bush-Cheney administration created but won’t repair.

Read what Faiza Al-Arji, a mother in Baghdad, says about it all on her blog called A Family in Baghdad.

Incredible! Incredibly bad!

UPDATE: Some good news from EPIC:

The U.S. Senate has passed the Refugee Crisis in Iraq Act as an amendment to the Defense Reauthorization bill. Originally introduced by Senators Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Gordon Smith (R-OR) last June as S.1651, the Refugee Crisis in Iraq Act faced heavy opposition from the Bush Administration. But EPIC members like you helped us fight back, sending more than 2,000 letters to your Senators urging action on behalf of Iraqi refugees. Many of you followed up last week with phone calls. Together, all of these efforts added up to make a real difference.

Here’s a link to Senator Kennedy’s speech on the passage of this act.


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