ATV Trail

Yesterday I had quite a long walk in the woods. I started at Narramissic Farm, walked about 100 yards in a westerly direction on a cleared farm road, and entered an ATV trail. (Oh, ATV == All Terrain Vehicle.) Then I headed in a northerly direction on the trail and came along side what I call Little Fitch Hill which was covered with more small trees and tangled vines than it had been the last time I was there. This is reasonable. It’s been over a year and we’ve had a lot of rain. But the place looked mysterious and a bit forbidding. I remembered when I climbed up there over three years ago and got those photos of porcupines. Two in one tree:

But I digress. After looking up into the mess of trees and vines for a few moments I walked on along the trail and remembered that it sloped down. Soon I was going downhill past places I had remembered. It was quite beautiful actually, so I snapped a picture of the ATV trail curving downward with the hazy outlines of Pleasant Mountain in the distance:

I kept on walking down, down, and down, past the remains of the ancient road connecting Fessenden Hill Road with Ingalls Road, and on, wondering if I should turn back. But I was curious. So I kept going, finally over a little bridge and up slightly, and then on down to suddenly view the Narrow Gauge Road together with the terminus of Hilton Road. This I was familiar with, having been there a few times before by way of Hilton Road. It was fun being there again and I snapped a picture of the little beaver pond running parallel to Narrow Gauge Road:

But now the task was to return, to walk and scramble up that steep ATV trail to my truck parked at Narramissic. So, I girded my loins, so to speak, and headed on up. I carefully paced myself, stopping frequently to rest in shaded portions of the trail, the sweat running off my face and neck. Before I knew it, there I was, passing familiar places, and finally arriving at a less steep part of the trail, on past Little Fitch Hill and on to the level portion of the trail. I was glad to get back to my truck and drive on home, but I enjoyed the experience, the memories, and the quiet beauty of the day.

Incidentally, this ATV trail proceeds on up beyond Narramissic to the Bear Trap. Perhaps I should get myself an ATV.

  1. Valentin’s avatar

    What atv`s have you used, if not yours ? :mrgreen:

  2. Mard’s avatar

    Actually, I’ve never used an ATV in my whole dern life! Just had the thought: maybe it would be fun to try one once and explore some of those trails. However, they’re not that great for the environment. Thanks for asking, Val.

  3. sleepylakate’s avatar

    A good way to protect the environment yet also enjoy a “free ride” is to …. yes, you guessed, GET A HORSE! 😉

  4. Valentin’s avatar

    A horse need far more attention and care than an atv 😛

  5. Mard’s avatar

    Well, that’s interesting about a horse needing far more attention and care than an ATV. One could probably get a horse fairly cheaply, though. Cheaper than an ATV? But the ATV would not have to be fed, except gasoline and a little oil. Oh, I don’t know maybe I’ll just walk…

  6. barbara’s avatar

    Hi Mard,
    This is really cool… thanks for sharing !
    Everyone needs to get out sometimes to get some fresh air and walk around.
    This looks much better than dodging cars & stopping & starting with each green light.That’s walking in our neighborhood. We would need to get much further out of here.
    You must have slept well after all that 😆

    It sounds like you are a good walker. My Dad-in-law could never do that steep trail. He has some problmes with mobility, and it can be a real problem.
    So, count your blessings .
    I loved seeing the porcupines up in the tree. :smile:

    You take care.

  7. Mard’s avatar

    Thanks, Barbara! Glad you liked the pictures of those two porcupines too. They had a den in a rock pile under the trees, but I would not say they are good housekeepers. :roll:
    Yes, I count my blessings that I’m still active and can walk around quite easily — even up hill, although I must pace myself. :smile:

    Yes, it’s great here in rural Maine. All the peace and quiet and lack of traffic. We live on a dirt road with only a few other houses. But over by that ATV trail there are no houses at all, only a few miles from here.

    Sometimes I envy people who live in a city, like it appears you do, Barbara. Everything is handy and within walking distance. Here we have to drive to get anywhere. I guess nothing is perfect, but we should indeed count our blessings!

  8. sleepylakate’s avatar

    The grass is always greener, as they say. Yep. :roll: 😆

  9. Mard’s avatar

    Yup, sleepyla, nothing is perfect, that’s fer sure. When yer in the city you want the country, when yer in the country ya want the city. Never satisfied! ha ha

    But I bet you want a horse. 😕


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