What is this blog?

It has no definite focus, but has spent a lot of time on politics, to be sure. Still, I’m interested in other things: music, philosophy, religion, science, and last but not least humor. Personal things, like diaries, photos, and accounts of vacations, are also here.

So, why do I do it?

I have maybe a few loyal readers and even fewer who comment. I do want comments very badly. Why? Because it tells me people have read something I wrote. Maybe if I got nasty comments I’d be unhappy, but at least there’d be comments. I hope I could handle with grace, humor and/or politeness the comments that disagree with me or are nasty. But I just haven’t had many of those, if any.

C’mon guys, insult me! 😆

It’s true, I’m an old guy. Maybe a lot of would be commenters write off this blog because of my age. What’s that old coot talking about? Oh well, not much I can do about that.

Incidentally, a subject I’ve always been fascinated with is consciousness.
What is consciousness? Where is it? I feel a new post about this coming on……

:roll: OH, how boring! some of you may be thinking, but what can I do, I’m fascinated by the subject.

OK, over and out.

  1. Valentin’s avatar

    I know what you`re saying, Marde.

    Looking to counters, people comes and go, yet they have been enough to read – see the pics – whatever.

    They don`t click to comment, they simply go.

    Sometime because they don`t have words. Sometime they feel they don`t agree but also feel they can`t express it. sometime they forget that keyboard attached to them pc can be used also for typing comments .. :-)
    Sometime, knowing age of blogger, they may be intimidated – and that`s whorst of all the “sometime”s because comes from imposibility of one to be able to have a decent – inteligent conversation or, alas, they think they have nothing to share with someone older then him/her. The bad comes from fact majority are 16 – 30 y old … if at that age they canm`t “compete” an older .. yet revenge 😛 will come after years when they`ll face same issue and will wonder why they are not getting feedback .. 😉

  2. Homar Murillo’s avatar

    When it comes to the internet community, there are no race, age, gender, or creed bounderies. Only ideas matter. I have more respect for older people because I believe that most of them possess greater wisdom.

  3. MadPriest’s avatar

    What is consciousness?
    Having lived and worked with animals all my life there is one thing of which I am (almost) certain. Consciousness is universal. It may even be universally connected. It may even be something akin to gravity or time, part of the very fabric of that which exists. I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer lies at the quantum level of existence.

    I also believe that humans confuse speech with language. I think all creatures have language (which is something without words) and that because humans immediately translate language into words in their minds we don’t perceive the fact that we think before we put our thinking into words. Therefore, we believe that consciousness can only be experienced by creatures with speech. Before we can answer questions such as yours we need to rid ourselves of this arrogance because the answer may not lie with ourselves but outside of ourselves.

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, guys, for the comments! I whine about not getting comments and then I wake up and there are three great comments staring me in the face. I think I’ll answer each of them with a separate comment. How’s that for a good way to generate comments? A do it yourself comment generator! But it’s not about comments as much as it is about content. Thanks again, guys, I’ll be back.

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    I like your comment, Val. It’s full of ideas. Yes, people come and go, read, look at pictures, whatever, and then as you say, they simply go. In fact I do that myself a lot on other people’s blogs. I agree. So should I complain?

    As you say, often they don’t have words. It takes a different part of the brain, perhaps, to formulate their thoughts — good, bad, indifferent, nasty — into words. Or, a new state of consciousness? (I’m anticipating response to MadPriest already!) This may not be where they’re at at the moment, and as you say, they may even have forgotten that the keyboard is used for typing! 😆

    Yes, the relative age difference may take a toll on many, and for various reasons. As you say, the majority of the “bad ones” may be in the 16 – 30 yr range: this guy is out of my world, which in a way is true. Then, as you say again, when they reach my age I’ll get my revenge. 😆

    Thanks very much for your very good comment, Valentine. I enjoyed it. :smile:

  6. NK’s avatar

    I do read on a regular basis however I rarely comment. I think in my case it takes more effort to write than to read. I guess my brain have been damaged by too many years of passive TV watching :-(. Maybe not being retired and having to work for a living have some effect too.



    BTW: To answer your question: NO, you should not complain.

  7. Mardé’s avatar

    Thank you very much for your well formulated thought, Homar. (Incidentally, my middle name is Homer, same as your first name but for letter.) I’m glad you have respect for older people — you yourself appear to be quite young. As you say, many older people have acquired wisdom, most often by being buffeted about in the real world and learning from their misdeeds and unaccountable tragedies. But many older people haven’t learned a dern thing! Especially, some of the leaders of our government here in America.

    Thank you again, Homar, for your nice comment. I’ll be going to your blog as soon as time permits, but time has a way of slowing people down, so be patient. I’ll get there. Of course, if anything else here interests you, including this thread, don’t hesitate to add an additional comment! 😀

  8. Mardé’s avatar

    I’m very pleased and honored to get a comment from you, MadPriest. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on your blog — I even read your latest sermon — and enjoy the community you have there and the many insightful posts laced very often with great humor and irony.

    I appreciate very much your comment. Would that your first paragraph were true! This is the thing I’ve been struggling with a good part of my life: Is consciousness in a world of its own? The young philosopher, David Chalmers, has this book, The Conscious Mind, in which he does come down hard on the materialism that consciousness is a part of the physical world. Through tortured reasoning — at least it seems so to me — he comes up with a “property dualism”, still within the realm of science but putting consciousness in a separate category.

    I keep trying to read these philosophers, very difficult going usually, but do see the difficulties they seem to be having incorporating consciousness into a framework which is rationally acceptable to the scientific community without including angels, i.e. without including the supernatural.

    Ah yes, we must avoid the supernatural at all costs! This is the mantra of these new philosophers of consciousness. And I’ve been trained not to accept the supernatural.

    But things do get weirder and weirder. Yes, there may be a connection at the fundamental quantum level, which in itself, is almost supernatural! There are so many things about modern science that just baffle the imagination, from Bell’s paradox to zero point fluctuations causing our particular big bang. One thing is clear: there are serious mysteries out there, in spite of what the Dawkins, Dennet, Crick, etc., crowd may rationalize.

    Of course I could be wrong! 😆

    ps. I forgot to mention your second paragraph. I liked this one almost better than the first, but this comment is already too long, so now I stop.

  9. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, thanks Boss, for your comment! Yes, you’re right. It’s a bit harder when you have to work for a living to go around making comments on blogs!

    Also, hey, you grew up speaking Arabic, became fluent in French, and then learned English! So don’t sweat it. You’re doing dern well! And as MadPriest says, language is a hell of a lot more than mere speech.

    Me? I know nothing but English and a few broken sentences in German.

    Yes, yer right. I should not complain!


  10. GeologyJoe’s avatar

    Mard, I wouldn’t say that comments or non-comments are a sign of anything. I think that people that will agree with you will not be inclined to add to your thought. Although the opposite is true for those that disagre.

  11. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, you have a point there, Joe. If they agree, why just say, “Good, I agree.” Doesn’t add much. And if they disagree they may not want to get into an argument, and then decide to just go away. Thinking about what I do on reading blogs, it’s often true that I behave that way, although sometimes I like to add to the agreement in some new way, or just react emotionally: “Wow! That’s great!” But basically you’re right. Comments or non-comments in themselves may not be a sign of anything.

    So, again, should I complain?! NOT! 😆

    Thanks for the comment.

  12. Valentin’s avatar

    @ GeologyJoe

    I`n sad because I have to totaly disagree you : comments are ALL for a blog, blogger and blogging.

    Lemme give you a live example :

    recently I had 197 uniques visitors, according to average of 4 counters (G. analytics not included).

    Is a record for my blog, for now. yet, no comment durring that 24 hours.
    Damn !
    Then I logged in admin area and .. surprise : 79 comments in moderation mode. That mean they “hit” the “targets” to be treated as spam and be holded in moderation mode. Sure, ALL were legitimate spam and i have deleted all.

    The ONLY reliable “tool” to measure the real audience of a blog is comments. Those are people intersted and reliable.

    I work in a company who manage (among others) several internet cafe halls. Total of about 100 pcs, each with a different IP. Very easyly I can have 100 hits – unique – on any of my sites, yet what would that mean ? Only a successfully CHEAT-view for advertisers to pay me more.

  13. sleepylakate’s avatar

    Hi Dad. I think you have a wonderful blogging thing going on here. Kudos to you!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your piece and all of the comments following. I’ll have to second GeologyJoes comment about commenting meaning anything… In fact, I believe I’ve been telling you this all along, way back when you started your blog, before you joined the MyBlogLog community, when your only readers were me and two other people, for the most part. 😛

    It’s been really cool for me to read your many varied and intriquing thoughts on life. And, your writing is very strong with just the right amount of humor.

    So there, there’s your comment from me. 😆

  14. Mardé’s avatar

    OK, looks like we have a little debate going on with GeologyJoe and (SleepyLa)Kate on one side and Valentine on the other. Why don’t I just come down in the middle like a good diplomat? I think both views are right! No, comments aren’t important because people who agree may not feel the need to comment and people who disagree may not care to comment, but that doesn’t mean the posts aren’t being read. And yes, there is a lot of spam that would be comments if they weren’t filtered out. Akismet works for me; over 15,000 spam comments blocked so far. I check every so often to see if a good comment has been mis-characterized as spam. Only very rarely does that happen, but every so often a spam comment leaks through the filter and appears as a legitimate comment. I quickly characterize it as spam and then, poof!, it’s gone.

    Hey, thanks for your nice words, (SleepyLa)Kate. I’m glad you appreciate yer olde Dad’s bloggin’, and like his sense of humor too! Way to go!!

  15. barbara’s avatar

    Hey Mardé,
    You know that I’am a regular. I do my best to leave a comment. With pleasure, my friend.
    But often, when it is about politics and politicians, I don’t have much to say.
    I have been away from the States a long time, and I’ll admit that I don’t know everyone in politics today.I’am not the best informed in that area.

    I can understand that you might wonder what is going on when you do a post and no one comments.I just say write what is in you and what you have to get off your mind !
    Just do your thing, and we regulars will be around.

    You take care and keep up the great work 😉

  16. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, Barbara, for your nice comment. I’ll just keep writing what is in me and what I have to get off my mind! Thanks! Doing one’s thing is what blogging is all about, isn’t it. You do very well with your blog which is a great one. So, you too keep up the great work. :smile:


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