al-Qaeda? NOT!

There’s a great article by Andrew Tilghman in the Washington Monthly for October 2007, The Myth of AQI, where AQI stands for al-Qaeda in Iraq. The AQI, which didn’t even exist on 9/11, may represent as little as 2 to 5 percent of the Sunni insurgency, according this article. Yet every other word out of the main stream news media seems to invoke al-Qaeda as the great nemesis that we’re fighting in Iraq. Many newscasters may mention the religious civil war we’re trying to tamp down there but nevertheless always seem to come back to the AQI which this article shows is virtually mythical if 2 to 5 percent is any gage.

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    Lets remember that the only way they can continue to link the Iraq conflict with the War on Terror is to keep referencing Al-Qaeda. It allows folks to keep in their minds that somehow what is going on in Iraq is somewhat related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    It is obviously a case of the mainsteam media not providing enough information, or drilling home that we are actually creating the AQI threat by our mere presence there. Sad, very sad.

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    Well said, Jeff. Yes, that’s why Bush and others keep mentioning al-Qaeda — it links the war to the War on Terror, even though the Germans captured those terrorists last week by police action. Who needs a “War” on terror?

    And yes, it is very sad that more isn’t made of the fact that we’re creating AQI by our presence in Iraq.

    Thanks very much for your comments.

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    I am a bit suspicious about the timing and quantity of those “terrorist” cell arrests in Germany (and Denmark) so near to September 11. It is almost as if they are waiting on the arrests, when they can have the largest political impact. It is somewhat sad that I am so cynical about this, but there is a piece of me that honestly believes (not the US government was behind the original 9/11 attacks) that the various governments have suspects in their targets and wait not for the best opportunity from a law enforcement perspective to make an arrest.

    It is scary, that I can actually envision the government undertaking similar steps to those taken in the movie “V is for Vendetta”, where the citizens are led to believe that they need the government for the own protection from terrorists, which allows the British govenment to move from democracy to dictatorship. It is not a large leap in logic to see us heading in the direction. All the more reason why 2008 is crucial to the future of this country

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    Wow! Very good, Jeff. I hesitate to accept things such as you portray as really going on, but I may very well be just shutting my eyes to the real evil that can go on in high places, and that in fact does go on. Thanks for bringing this up.

    Yes, timing is everything, and I hadn’t thought about the timing of those terrorist cell arrests occurring just before 9/11. Also, the timing of General Petraeus’ remarks on how well things were going in Iraq back before the 2004 election. I’m sure that picked up a few votes for Bush.

    What a con job this speech last night of Bush’s was! I didn’t bother to watch.

    Yes, the 2008 election will be crucial to the future of this country. We’re in really serious straights, which may be an understatement.


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