Iraq Statistics

Sometimes it’s useful to look at raw statistics and try to draw one’s own conclusions rather than listen to the pundits. Here’s some data from the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count website.

US Military Hostile-Fire Fatalities by Month for all of 2006 and 2007 through August:

Dec-2006 95
Nov-2006 59
Oct-2006 99
Sep-2006 61 Sep-2007 43
Aug-2006 58 Aug-2007 56
Jul-2006 38 Jul-2007 67
Jun-2006 57 Jun-2007 93
May-2006 57 May-2007 120
Apr-2006 65 Apr-2007 96
Mar-2006 26 Mar-2007 71
Feb-2006 46 Feb-2007 71
Jan-2006 42 Jan-2007 78

Note that for each month the casualties are greater in 2007 than in 2006, except for August where there are two less casualties than in 2006. The Surge?

Here are the Iraqi security forces and civilian deaths:

Dec-2006 1629
Nov-2006 1741
Oct-2006 1315
Sep-2006 3389 Sep-2007 746
Aug-2006 2733 Aug-2007 1598
Jul-2006 1063 Jul-2007 1458
Jun-2006 738 Jun-2007 1148
May-2006 969 May-2007 1782
Apr-2006 808 Apr-2007 1521
Mar-2006 901 Mar-2007 2762
Feb-2006 688 Feb-2007 2864
Jan-2006 590 Jan-2007 1711

For the first seven months of this year these deaths significantly exceed last year’s numbers. They haven’t separated the security forces from the civilians as far as I can tell from the website. The website has the following note about these Iraqi security forces and civilian deaths:

Note: Iraqi deaths based on news reports . This is not a definitive count. Actual totals for Iraqi deaths are higher than the numbers recorded on this site.

UPDATE 9/7/2007: I got some more insight on how to use the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count website this morning from the excellent article and discussion by Mark Seibel of McClatchy Newspapers here. As a result, I’ve updated the numbers above.

  1. NK’s avatar

    Hey OB,

    I am not very good at Statistics, so I have one question: Is the Surge working?

    It’s September you know; any day now we’re going to wake up to Sunnis and Shias kissing and embrassing each other in the streets of Baghdad. They’ll be throwing rice and flower on our Soldiers…



  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, NK! Thanks for your message! Yes, didn’t you know the Surge has worked and now that it’s September the Sunnis and Shias, including Muqtada, will be throwing rice and flowers at our troops, and those same Suunis and Shias, including Muqtada, will also be kissing and embracing each other in the streets of Baghdad? Oh… I guess you did know! Way to go, NK!

    Hey, what are we gonna do now that Luciano is gone?


  3. MorganLighter’s avatar

    Marde -I’m not sure I understand the first comment and your reply. Are you being a little ‘tongue in cheek’ or are you just trying to be humorous?
    I don’t think either is appropriate.
    It’s obvious that neither of you have honorably served, nor have either of you lost someone to war, nor do either of you have any decorum.
    You should apologize to those who have suffered, if you’ve got the stones.
    If have spoken out of turn or misread your words, mea culpa.

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for your comment, MorganLighter. I just discovered it in the spam list, and I de-spammed it. Sorry it has taken me so long to find it. This happened once before with a post of yours, as maybe you noticed. This time I did it right and recovered your actual comment in its proper place.

    Yes, I admit that NK and I were being very sarcastic about the effects of the surge. We did not intend, though, to cast any aspersions or negative thoughts on the soldiers, the brave men and women, who are serving America and other members of the coalition in Iraq. What we are really doing is casting criticism on the civilian leaders that got us into this unnecessary war through subterfuge and by assuring us that we’d be greeted with “rice and flowers”. We certainly didn’t intend to insult those who have suffered and are suffering over there. We think the whole thing is a tragedy that could have been avoided, and we wish the troops could be brought home.

    Thank you for your comment. Please comment more if my answer is not what you expected. Maybe we can work this out.

  5. MorganLighter’s avatar

    All is good. I thought that you might be writing in a sarcastic tone. Thanks for the clarification.
    FYI – My view is a bit jaded as my father was career military (WWII, Korea, Middle East, Viet Nam) and I served as well.
    Take care, my friend, and all the best to you.

  6. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, Morgan. All is cool. I can understand now why your view might be a bit jaded. My gripes are with the civilian politicians who can be irresponsible, not with the guys and gals who have to get into harm’s way. Although, of course, top generals are often forced or by choice into becoming political.

    Many years ago I tried to join the military, first the Navy (sorry, you can’t wear Navy shoes: hammer toes), and second, the Air Force (sorry, you have heart murmur). So, I tried but they wouldn’t take me. Maybe now? 😆


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