Go Keith!

While perusing around trying to think of some new post to put up here, aside from some pics from my PEI trip, I came across a new phenomenon: a raging liberal on Sunday Night Football Night. Olbermannia, Marvin Kitman calls it. Marvin “couldn’t help but wonder what a large segment of the audience made of the pre-game show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” Here’s a quote:

How many football fans choked on their bratwurst sausage sandwich, being washed down with their tenth Bud Lite, listening to Olbermann’s opening blast at Pres. Bush?

Hey, that’s not fair! Are all football fans supposed to be loyal Bushies? My wife’s a football fan and she can’t stand to look at Bush. Of course, she’s a woman. How about men? So the question is: What percentage of football fans are loyal Bushies?

Anyway, I say, Go Keith! Tell it like it is.

One of these days I’ll even get to watch Keith’s show on MSNBC at 8pm. In the meantime, good luck to him on Sunday Night Football. I’m sure it needs a liberal voice.


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