There are some that don’t like kilts and some that do. Here’s a site that doesn’t and they feature this picture there:

In fact they even say it’s sinful for men to wear kilts. Gad, what party poopers! Any comments??

ps. I found the link on the MadPriest‘s blog.

  1. Missy’s avatar

    Hahaha–this cracked me up–MP’s going nutters on Scots and their kilts lately.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes! He’s got some even funnier ones up today than he had yesterday. Thanks for your comment, Missy, and my best to you.

  3. barbara’s avatar

    Hey Mardé,
    How are you ?
    Well, when the Scots marched in the Interceltic festival, no one was calling them wimps or sissy’s ! I think that the crowds would have been dissapointed not to see them, the honored guests, marching in slacks !

    It’s tradition, and I don’t know it’s origins. But, that’s the way they do it.
    Your link gave me a laugh too ! And look who’s talking; a Mr Stewart. That is generally a Scottish name !

    Take care and see you soon 😉

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Hi Barbara, and thanks for your comment. I’m fine but get a little weary at times.

    Yes, it would be absurd to see Scots marching in slacks. Kilts are the tradition. I had forgotten that the name of the writer on that site is Stewart! As you say, that’s generally a Scottish name and here he is, one of their own, calling it sinful and disgusting for men to wear kilts.

  5. GeologyJoe’s avatar

    Kilts are only for men of the Scottish Highlands. Outside of that it starts to get eccentric.

  6. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, I agree, Joe. And there’s quite a lot of eccentricity in terms of kilts. For some it’s a badge of macho honor. I just Googled on “kilts macho” and turned up this:

  7. sauerkraut’s avatar

    There’s a large annual scot’s festival in pennsyltucky and some of those guys in kilts are not to be buggered. It’s always a riot watching some of the women try to see if they can sneak a peak at what’s under the hood.

  8. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for your message, sauerkraut! Yes, that must be a riot. Where’s pennsyltucky?


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