A friend sent me this video showing people signing a petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide, a dangerous chemical. Ha Ha It’s water! The idea is to show how gullible people are and especially in the case of environmentally friendly people how eager they are to display passion without using common sense.


Of course, this video is created by Penn and Teller, avowed libertarians. See here and here. They are against a lot of things, including gun control, and this video on water has overtones of anti-environmentalism. But you may differ! Please feel free to leave a comment!
😆 😉 😕

  1. sauerkraut’s avatar

    I’m going to borrow this. It’s a riot. I’ll give you credit as my source.

  2. Mard’s avatar

    Yes, it is a riot, but also a bit of (hidden?) propaganda. Just my opinion. Thanks for the credit.


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