The Draft

In surfing around the internet the last couple days, I keep running into the YouTube below titled You might be going next. It’s a very short video showing General Lute suggesting a military draft as “on option on the table”.


A good link to a discussion with 193 comments so far is at Think Progress here, which has the title Bush’s 10 yr plan for Iraq: bring back the draft.

  1. damozel’s avatar

    I’ve heard rumors of this myself–and I don’t see what else they can do, seeing that the generals seem to be saying that there’s no way they can continue the troop build up on into the spring. I don’t think it will pass, but it may wake some people up to the fact that the war could affect them directly (which is the silverish lining in a very dark cloud). One of my colleagues mentioned this last week, but I guess I just didn’t believe it.

    Thanks for posting the You Tube. If we decide to post it, we’ll give you the credit for finding it (and for linking the Think Progress discussion, which I missed).

    There’s an article about that in today’s Washington Post.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for the comments, damozel. I’m on vaction now up in the wilds of Prince Edward Island and haven’t much internet access (I’m at one of the few Internet Cafes now). But I’ll give you a better response later and look up that WP article.


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