Rite of Spring

Igor Stravinski’s Rite of Spring, one of my favorite’s is on radio tonight at 8pm on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network. Here’s the announcement:

8pm: New York Philharmonic
STRAVINSKY: Scherzo Fantastique (Pierre Boulez); Persephone (Vera Zorina; Richard Robinson; Westminster Choir; Igor Stravinsky); The Rite of Spring (Zubin Mehta); “The Longest Run” Igor Stravinsky remembers the world premiere of The Rite of Spring.

The world premiere of this piece was totally scandalous. Read about it here. One reviewer said, “The pagans on-stage made pagans of the audience.” However, Stravinsky’s score for “The Rite of Spring” is recognized today as a magnificent musical masterpiece of the twentieth century.

Well, I guess I don’t have to listen to it tonight. Here it is here in all its glory! But it still might be interesting to hear Stravinsky remembering the night of the premiere.


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