The MadPriest

I’ve been reading a number of Anglican blogs lately, most peculiar for a lifelong Unitarian Universalist agnostical atheist like me, isn’t it, but here’s one that’s rockingly funny, good-humored, and just plain scandalous! It goes by the title Of course, I could be wrong… and it’s run by Jonathan, the MadPriest. He likes to be called MadPriest because, he says, it flatters his ego.

What struck me really funny today on his blog was the following cartoon of Hyacinth and Richard of British comedy Keeping Up Appearances fame:

Blogs like the MadPriest’s could almost make me want to become an Anglican?

  1. Danielle’s avatar

    Keeping up appearances is one of our favorite BBC comedies! On Saturday nights we get the whole lot of BBC comedies including Monty Python. I know it will keep me going later tonight.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, those British comedies are all great. I’ve probably seen all the Monte Python’s several times. Continued good luck to you on your great blogging marathon! :smile:


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