The Embassy

Green grass, then tons of concrete. Yup, it’s the massive US embassy in Iraq under construction.

My buddy Juan Cole links to the following piece today: Abuse of workers building U.S. embassy in Iraq is alleged. Here’s his comment on that story:

Allegations are being made that the foreign workers building the massive US embassy in Baghdad have in some cases been Shanghaied (told they were going to Dubai but then taken to Baghdad instead) and, once in Iraq, have been abused. The charges are against the Kuwaiti contractor supplying the workers to the US government. It has been alleged before that forms of corporate slavery have underpinned some of the private contract work done in Iraq.

UPDATE 7/29/2007: Video testimony of medic Rory Mayberry from blog of Juan Cole this morning:

  1. mewize’s avatar

    This is the reason they invaded Iraq in the first place. It is and American sponsored coup


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