Remember Dick?

Yes, back in the good old days there was a President of the US named Richard Milhous Nixon. He even got his face, looking so pleasant and docile, on a 32¢ stamp:

Of course later Dick had to resign the Presidency under a dark cloud. But he would probably be a liberal by today’s standards. Remember that Nixon made that dramatic visit in 1972 to the People’s Republic of China thus taking the first step in normalizing relations with that communist country.

Well, Steve Clemons has an eminently sensible piece on his blog today hoping that Hilary Clinton would not be a Bush-Cheney-Lite, as Barack Obama has called her, but instead a Nixon-Lite. Steve ends his piece with the following two questions:

Will it be Hillary that changes the world and goes to Cuba? to Iran? to Syria?

Or will it be Obama?

These are good questions because so far Hilary seems to be saying she would not go to Cuba, Iran, or Syria, whereas Obama is saying he would.

UPDATE 7/28/2007: The Election Central Saturday Roundup at the TPM Cafe provides the following response from John Edwards:

Edwards: Hillary/Obama Spat Over Foreign Leaders A Distraction From Real Issues:
During his own speech yesterday before the National Urban League, John Edwards denounced the current fight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton over what conditions should be met before meeting with hostile foreign leaders, calling it a distraction from issues of poverty and other domestic concerns. “We’ve had two good people — Democratic candidates for president — who spent their time attacking each other instead of attacking the problems that this country is facing,” Edwards said. The Associated Press says the remark was met by “a mixture of groans and applause.”

Good point, John! Keep up the good work!

  1. Valentin’s avatar

    Well .. as I`m not US citizen, I would care more to ‘have’ a US president who`ll speak more about where he/she would go in US and care less about paying visits to controversial countries ..

    Lucky Obama and Hilary, I`m not (yet) citizen of US … 😛

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for your comment, Valentin, and good luck in becoming an American citizen soon. OK, so you wouldn’t vote for Obama or Hilary, but you would like the US president to pay more attention to the US itself. Yes, I can agree with that, but I also think we have to improve our image in the world. Maybe by staying out of the world (other than the US), you say, would be the way to do it?


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