Raw Footage

Juan Cole writes: US television has tended to show a sanitized war compared to what is on the Arab satellite stations every day. One seldom even sees blood or victims in the hospital bandaged up. If Americans saw how the sausage was made, they would find it even less appetizing. Here’s some unusual raw footage, displayed on Juan’s blog, from ABC shot by Sean Smith of The Guardian:

  1. Danielle’s avatar

    The anti-war sentiment would sky rocket if we were shown on network news the reality of the American Occupation in Iraq. We finished watching a great documentary from Netflix the other day called I know I’m Not Alone about a musician who traveled to Iraq and Palestine and the conversations with the people solidified my stance.

    As always…

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, showing the reality of it would not be pretty. I think it’s seeping through to people, judging by the percentage that want at least a timeline. I think I’ve heard of “I know I’m Not Alone”. Yes, I bet it’s a good one, another dose of reality.
    :smile: Mardé


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