New Blog from Juan

Juan Cole who started Informed Comment, his blog on the Middle East, has started a new group blog called Informed Comment Global Affairs. Here’s an excerpt from his announcement:

The problem with keeping up a successful blog is that one has to do an entry every day or readers forget to come back to you. I found this out through early experiments at IC, where traffic fell off dramatically if I missed days, even weekends. Most journalists, analysts and academics don’t have time to blog daily, and therefore don’t blog.

This reminds me of my own problem with this blog, not that I’m a journalist, analyst or academic. I’ve started again to make a post every day, after a lapse for a few weeks there, in the hopes I might improve traffic here a little, not necessarily to catch a virus though, LOL.

Getting back to Juan and his new group blog, he’s got a lot of Middle East experts on the new blog with info on Iran and Afghanistan in addition to Iraq and the Isreali-Palestinian crises. Even though “Global Affairs” is in the title, it appears to have its focus on the Middle East. Here’s a good way to get educated but of course it all takes time, time, and more time.
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