More Sevens!

Did I forget that it’s Live Earth Day today, 7.7.07?

The Midday Open Thread by mcjoan on DAILY KOS gives a link to a “critical but informed view of the Live Earth Pledge” that should and does provoke lively discussion. This is a blog called Energy Outlook by Geoffrey Styles. He provides the seven-point “Pledge, point by point, with a bit of analysis”. Last time I looked there were only six comments, and I just read them. Who will make it a lucky seven before the day’s out?

The New York Times has an only mildly patronizing piece on Al Gore, called “A Giddy Gore Discusses ‘Live Earth’“. The MainStreamMedia (MSM) loves to pick on Al Gore, although this article reads better than the headline. Go get ’em Al!!

Cheers 😀

  1. Clariss’s avatar

    Hey, thanks for an overview of the comments/critique by media pundits on Al Gore…I say, Go get ’em Al! What have any of these folks done to create a global effort to inform, entertain, and motivate people? I’ve spent several hours tonight listening to the Live Earth concert and I must say, it’s refreshing to hear entertainers from across the world voice what so many of us feel–that we’ve GOT to change what’s happening to the Earth and the good news is, it’s not hopeless, we can ALL do something!

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Hi Clariss! Thanks for your comment, but to answer your question, “What have any of these folks done to create a global effort to inform, entertain, and motivate people?”, Geoffrey Styles in his Energy Outlook blog, which I link to above, at least discusses the Seven Point Pledge which is the heart of the matter, is it not? The Pledge lists the somethings, seven of them, that we can DO!

  3. Clariss’s avatar

    Thanks for the clarification! I had assumed the folks you referred to were possible critics of the big Al.

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Good, Clariss. Those links I gave in the first two paragraphs will tell you all you want to know about Live Earth Day and its implications and meanings.
    Cheers…. 😀


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