What’s New?

Yes, I’ve been pretty negligent when it comes to this here blog of mine. It’s time I said something, anything! So, let me say what’s new? What’s new:

Today is a nice warm summer-like day again here in East Denmark, Maine, USA. That’s always nice until it gets too hot and muggy, which it is already, but it’s too early yet for me to feel it.

Tomorrow is our big day at the Norway, Maine, UU church, the day of the Chicken Pie Luncheon during the annual Norway sidewalk Arts Festival. I’ll be collecting the money and passing out the tickets. So, today I need to get some change ready, maybe $200 worth. We should get between 100 and 200 people eating and passing through (not ‘out’ I hope, lol).

I read and scanned my usual blogs this morning, starting with Juan Cole and ending with DailyKos, with the NYT, Talking Points Memo, Washington Note, Eschaton, and some links from these in-between. What’s outstanding? Too much to summarize right now….

Oh, I also looked up that snow white tiger story that Katie Curic mentioned at the close of the CBS Evening News last evening (the most interesting part). Here’s another link to it. I was curious to compare these snow white tigers with the odd-eyed white kitty cat that dropped by my neighbor and has now made herself at home. But I couldn’t find any appropriate picture, although there may be one.

Enough for now. :-)


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