Charles Pierce – the Great

This is too good to pass up. I love the way he slings the English language. And does he ever get his points across! If you want to understand the background, or precedent, for this exoneration cum commutation of I Lewis Libby by Bush II, read Charlie’s post today in Eric Alterman’s Altercation blog. It’s a knockout.

Another way in which I connect with Charles Pierce is that he comes from Greater Boston, specifically Newton, Mass., which I view as home territory. I spent the major part of my life in those environs and met both my wives there, well, at different times. I even exchanged a couple emails once with Charles Pierce about the great Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding of “Bob and Ray” fame. They gained fame while providing comedy background before the Boston ballgames at good old WHDH.

Enough for now….. 😀


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