Gitmos Across America

I just got sickened in reading the New York Times lead editorial today. The boom in immigration detention, in which people are ensnared for dubious reasons, is set to rise to a new and shocking level if the amendment by Senator Lindsey Graham to the Senate immigration bill goes through. As pointed out in the editorial, the new mantra in this country is apparently toughness. Ya gotta be tough! In the meantime, people die in prisons without access to medicines or lawyers. It’s disgusting and sickening! What is this country coming to? What has it become?

  1. Danielle’s avatar

    Marde the more that is presented to the American public the more evident the makings of a police state are on our hands. The Patriot Act, The Real Id Act, Massive Detention Centers. We all should be scared. Scared enough to act out against these direct attacks of our Constitution. The more of us that bring light upon these issues the more obvious it will become.

    Thanks for spreading the word, my friend.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Thank you for your comment on this, Danielle. Yes, the word needs to be spread, and more and more people are catching on to what this administration is doing and trying to get away with.

    Thank you too!

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for your comment, Andy. I checked the link and see that Australia at least has an Ombudsman dealing with the situation, like the case of the guy who had been living in Australia legally for three years, and was on a bridging visa while he was waiting for a new visa.

    The Ombudsman said a review of his details would have easily showed this but he spent seven days over Christmas-New Year at a detention facility waiting for public servants to return to work.

    So the poor guy spent Christmas and New Year being detained while the public servants maybe celebrated Christmas by dining on turkey and plum pudding. Amazing!

    We could use a few Omsbudsmen in this country.


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