Tick Hits

The largest percentage of hits I receive on this blog are tick hits. It is humbling to think that my blog may turn into a Tick Blog, when in fact I hate those creepy little Arachnidas! It appears that there’s a group or groups at the U. of Maine that is engaged in some serious tick research. But why me? Am I the Maine 😉 😉 repository of info on these creatures ? Or is this a Creature Double Feature Scary Tick Trick being played on me by some nerdy college kids picking on the elderly? 😯 😡 😮 😆

(This very post will, I suppose, encourage further tick hits! Why do I do it?)

Update: I was wrong about the U. of Maine group doing tick research. It wasn’t them at all! It was just that my image file included that name because I, myself, linked to that site! Sheesh.. What a dweeb!
Now, I’ve removed the image and my hits will probably drop by 50% because of lack of a tick image. :roll:

  1. SleepyLaKate’s avatar

    I tick, therefore I am? Haha.

  2. Loula’s avatar

    Hi Madé, so we are neighbours. Where in Maine?

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, SleepyLa, that’s a good one! Maybe that’s what René Descartes was really trying to say? Hahaha!

    Hi Loula! Thanks for your comment. It’s too bad you don’t have your beautiful blog anymore. I’m down here in Western Maine near Fryeburg. You must be in Quebec somewhere?

  4. SleepyLaKate’s avatar

    Rene Descartes said “I think, therefor I am?”
    Damn, I didn’t know that. Obvioiusly, I didn’t retain the information I learned when I wrote a paper on RD in 5th grade. I thought he had something to do with triangles or something.
    Ok, I better go before I make more of an ass of myself. PLUS, I’m late for work, NATCH! 😆

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Oh, SleepyLa, you’re too hard on yourself. RD did have something to do with triangles too, because he was also a mathematician, you know, Cartesian maps, etc.. You’re not making an ass out of yerself at all!! And on this hot day anyone can be late for work. You’re much too hard on yourself, SleepyLa! Gain confidence: :smile:

  6. nk’s avatar

    You gotta be tough….etc…


  7. Mardé’s avatar

    nk! Your back! My long lost buddy!

    I know what you’re trying to say:

    “You gotta be tough to live in Maine!”

    Right on!

    ps. Hope to see you again here soon.

  8. El Gigante Verdoso’s avatar

    You got a nice site. Thanks for the comment on my humble blog 😀 I’ve just added to my blogroll

  9. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, El Gigante. And you have a very fascinating blog, well worth checking out.

  10. barbara’s avatar

    Hi Mardé,
    I think that ticks were such a hit on comments because nasty beasties, esp the biting, or stinging ones fascinate & freak out at the same time.
    Hey, I don’t need an image of those blood suckers. I’ve seen enought in the past when I had dogs.

    You have a good Sunday & don’t let the beasties go and make a meal out of you 😆

  11. Mardé’s avatar

    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for your message and your understanding! Yes, they are little beasties. Speaking of dog ticks, I had one bite me on the head when we first moved here (May 2000), and I ended up in the emergency ward where I got anti-biotics. I’m still looking for that picture someone took of me with my face swollen up! That tick that got me back then had been planning on making a meal out of me. 😆 Almost did!

    I’ve been pretty busy lately without much time for blogging. Plus, I need an upgraded computer. So, my blogging will be pretty intermittant the next week or so.

    Thanks for your message, Barbara, and have a good Sunday — although it’s already afternoon in France?

  12. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, wbaustin, for the award. Not sure how I got it, who voted for it, or how it happened, but there it is. I put the Winner Button on my sidebar. Apparently it was for May 18, 2007. Why that date, anybody’s guess. :smile:

  13. barbara’s avatar

    Hi again Mardé,
    Way to go; Congratulations ! :smile:
    I cannnot agree more; well done !!

    See you later, and Take care.

  14. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, thanks, Barbara. I’ve been pretty inactive on the blogging scene recently — had some visitors and now I’m researching getting a new computer — so I was surprised to get that award. It was Danielle who nominated me! Thanks Danielle. But now I have to figure out who to nominate in return.

  15. Danielle’s avatar

    My biggest hits are for a few posts I did about the Tennessee Center for Policy Research when the released Al Gore’s energy bill to “prove” that he is a hypocrite. I was thinking of deleting the posts since I get no comments but lots of focused traffic.

    Be well and enjoy the day.

  16. Mardé’s avatar

    So, people look at the posts, read then, and don’t comment? I haven’t seen those posts of yours. But the past several days I’ve been up to my eyeballs trying to work out next year’s budget for the UU church I attend in Norway, Maine, because I’m the treasurer and have to explain it on Sunday. Ah well, it’s kind of fun, although there are other things I could be doing, like say, blogging!


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