Lost Highway

We watched this David Lynch film last night on the Independent Film Channel. How bizarrely bizarre! Even Roger Ebert couldn’t pin it down as to purpose. But that was the idea: great schemes and scenes but no purpose. Still, the scenes were often fascinating and sprinkled with humor amidst the atmosphere of dark and ghostly film noir, including human morphing in a death row cell. It held our interest, or should I say fascination, until the end. And then! What did it all mean? Who knows? It was a David Lynch film.

  1. SleepyLaKate’s avatar

    Aha ha ha.. funny! I love movies like that, even though they make me want to pull my hair out in exasperation (sp?)! 😛

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, that’s a good way to put it, Sleepy. So many lose ends fluttering in the breeze at the end it drives you nuts and makes you want to tear your hair out! And I think you spelt exasperation right, too. :smile:

  3. SleepyLaKate’s avatar

    Cool, thanks. I’m a lazy speller, I’ll admit that.
    Here’s a neat photoblog I like.

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    But you spelt it right! (I’m deliberately spelling spelled wrong just to show I spell incorrectly too! 😆 )

    Yes, I checked that photoblog and will check again. Looks good.


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