Live and Become

This is a great and powerful movie, a miraculous Israeli-French co-production by Radu Mihaileanu, which is given five stars by the Montreal Gazette. It’s the story of a semi-starving Ethiopean Christian boy who is pushed on a plane to Israel with Ethiopean Jews also in a semi-starving state. It’s his mother’s hope when she forces him to take the plane that he will “live and become and not come back until then”. The movie traces his development through three phases (boy, adolescent, and adult) of his struggle in Israel as portrayed by three wonderful actors. He is adopted by a liberal Israeli family and gradually overcomes rejection and suffering in the new culture to find his place in family, society and the world. I was captivated by the film, by its power and its reinforcing music, from beginning to end, and came away with a feeling for the reality of the desparate situations that can develop in far away lands, as well as a great love and sympathy for the leading characters in this wonderful movie.


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