Demise of the Tall Pine

We had a 75 foot pine fairly close to the house, and in view of Global Warming with its extreme weather possibilities we thought we’d lop it down, so to speak. The Q-Team did it for us. Here’s the tree just before its demise:


And here’s the monster on its way down. You should have heard the BOOM when it landed!


Well, it had a good life. Porbably made it to about 100 or so years at least.

  1. Danielle’s avatar

    Did you use the wood or keep a momento?
    I assume that the tree was damaged and posed a danger to the homestead, but it always sad to see them fall.

    Be well

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    The wood’s going to be used so that’s good. We’re saving the tree right behind it (see the photos) which is far enough away from the house not to pose a danger. It’s about 80 feet tall. We’ve got several others too that we’re saving, but we did have too many right close to the house. I’m very afraid of fire since my house burned down when I was ten: March 25th 1939.

  3. GreenAbby’s avatar


    It’s sad you had to cut the tree down, but understandable if it was a danger to your abode.

    Will you be growing anything in its place/replacement sorta thing?

    Have a good day
    GreenAbby 😉

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, GreenAbby, for your comment and concern. We already have a small spruce tree growing closer to the house (not shown in the above photos) that we are saving even though its top got sliced off by a large pine that collapsed in a storm three years ago. See the last five photos in the Kelly Visit 04 grouping.

    You have a good day too, and that was quite a run you did in that marathon. Thanks for that post. :-)


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