Madame Husson’s Rosier

Barbara mentioned Guy de Maupassant as a great French short story writer, and I said I’d look him up. Well, I found online a fun story of his, Madame Husson’s Rosier, in English, which is all about eat, drink, and be merry to excess, quite a contrast to A Good Man is Hard to Find and The Wall. It’s a harmless and amusing little story which takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to read, depending on much you’ve had to eat or drink.

  1. Monkey’s avatar

    I’ve always loved Maupassant.

    From one Mainer to another!

  2. barbara’s avatar

    Hi Mardé,
    Hey; you checked it out ! Thumbs up :smile:
    I’ll tell you why they are all so merry. The city where this takes place has a ” virtue prize” for a virtuous young lady each year. BUT, one particular year, there were no available models of feminine virtue 😆
    They elected a young man !.After the party, and his monetary award, he wanders away, and of course returns many days later, broke,dirty and virtuous no more…
    No one is picture perfect;we all have our dark spots 😈 .
    See you soon, Mardé

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, Monkey, thanks for your comment! You’re another Mainer? Great! I must visit yer Website. :smile:

    Thanks, Barbara, for your comment. Yes, that’s it! The poor guy was nice and virtuous until they gave him the virtue prizes. You probably read it in French too. Really a funny one! 😆

  4. Tisha’s avatar

    cool I discovered de Maupassant merci! moi aussi je suis “gourmand” Mardé 😉

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Oh Tisha! You’re speaking French at me! Let’s see, what does it mean? What’s she saying? Oh, here’s my translation: “I’m also a lover of good food, Mardé?” I think I’m close on that one, I hope. Thanks for your comment, Tisha! :smile:


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