My First Tick!

That is, of the new season. I discovered the little fellow crawling on the back of my hand. How he got there he didn’t tell. And I have no idea. I was standing outside and walking around on the grass a bit while watching the men working on our trees (more later about that). But somehow the thing got onto my hand. Nice of him to display himself — or herself, I couldn’t tell — in plain site to make it easier for me to flush him (or her) down the toilet. (Will they ever return from there I wonder? yikes!) See my other post here about ticks.

  1. barbara’s avatar

    Hry Mardé,
    Oh no ! 😯
    When I think that you just started dreading their return. I hope that you weren’t bitten.
    Really, it’s not easy to chase them away…blood suckers !

    Take care, friend

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, Barbara! Oh, they are soo sneaky. Often you only know they’re there when you feel a strange itch, which might be in some obscure place on yourself. Then you gently remove, pinch between thumb and forefinger, head for the toilet, and fling!

  3. GreenAbby’s avatar

    :roll: :mrgreen:
    Thanks for looking at my blog. Yours looks really interesting and I look forward to reading it regularly!

    Take care now
    GreenAbby x

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, thanks GreenAbby. At this very moment I’m trying to figure out what my next blog post will be. 😕

    I liked your suggestion to use cloth bags instead of plastic when shopping. :smile:

    Also, while typing this I stopped and joined your community. Does this beat the speed of light? Traveling to England, joining your community, and coming back, all in the space of a blog comment? 😯

    You take care, too, and thanks,

  5. SleepyLaKate’s avatar

    Last night, as I was getting into bed, there it was, attached to my arm. A tick. I had to grab some tweezers and yank hard to get that little bastard out. Dropped it in the toilet, but it tried to crawl up the rim, and this one was moving fast, right towards my naked arm again. One more swipe of my tweezers against the bowl and the tick was in the water.. FLUSH. 😉

  6. Mardé’s avatar

    That’s the way to fight ’em, SleepyLaKate! You weren’t so sleepyLa then, were you. Good going. You gotta fight ’em all the way down into the toilet…. well, not THAT far, but the FLUSH should usually work, although I’ve seen times when the buggers pop right back into the bowl water. Well, ya gotta be tough to live in Maine! 😎

  7. Aldon Hynes’s avatar

    Down here in Connecticut, we squish the ticks. But they fight back pretty hard. Last summer, my wife got Lyme disease from a tick bite we never noticed. She is still recovering.

  8. nash’s avatar

    Any good tick is a dead tick!

  9. Mardé’s avatar

    Aldon, that’s terrible about your wife getting Lyme disease. It’s good that she’s recovering. I think a tick has to be attached for over 24 hours before any effects are transmitted. Or is it 48 hours? (Have to look it up.) Many ticks around here in Western Maine are Dog Ticks which have characeristic white markings, although it’s difficult to tell them from deer ticks sometimes.

    Nash, that’s right, a good tick is a dead tick. Ticks offer no redeeming social values. I think we could say that. 😆


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