George Tenet

I’ve been hearing a lot about George Tenet’s new book and 60 minutes interview. He blames Cheney for a lot and talks a lot about honor. But Juan Cole this morning gave a link to a letter that seven intelligence officers have written to George Tenet which says quite a lot. Worth a read here.

The letter was published in the DailyKos and has 318 comments at this time. If you want to get into some bloody politics, here’s a chance. I’m trying to keep my blood pressure under control these days but it’s difficult. LOL Whew….

  1. Danielle’s avatar

    The impression I get is too little too late. He just wants to clear his name and sell some books no that he has no power. I post a lot about politics but lately have been so fed up with the whole system.

  2. Missy’s avatar

    Ugh. I avoid politics. Not because I don’t have opinions, just… BECAUSE.

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    That’ll show me: I had a great political statement already to go and just as I sent it my connection went down and I couldn’t get my message back. What (good?) luck!

    Actually, yes, politics can be pretty vicious these days and get you into endless loops of charge and counter-charge with people. But having said that I’ll have to say I agree with Juan Cole: those seven intelligence officers showed considerable courage in speaking out the way they did, more than George Tenet showed…..


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