My “Thinking Blogger” Nominees

Barbara at Family-Counts has included SeevsPlace among her five choices for the “Thinking Blogger” award. Thank you, Barbara! Now my task is to select five blogs that I think deserve the award. See Just call me a Thinking Blogger for the rules. This is the first “meme” I’ve participated in.

OK, here are my selections, in random order:

Tisha has one of most active blogs around. She is always interesting, free, open, thought-provoking and enormous fun.

The Wrong Advices has a highly ironic title because the technical advice he gives is strictly top-notch. I’ve learned a great deal from him about how to improve this WordPress blog.

Missy has an extremely thoughtful, and fun-filled blog with great photos as well.

AJAY has a blog I just recently became familiar with but it’s very advanced, sophisticated, and full of great ideas well worth pursuing.

Modern Musings is another blog I just became familiar with but it’s very thought-provoking and spiritual, with thought-provoking photos as well.

  1. Danielle’s avatar

    Thank you so much for including me in your list. This is my third award. So sweet of you, really.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Ah shucks… 😳
    No problem. I like the originality and modus operandi of your blog, plus, you’re nice.

  3. barbara’s avatar

    Hi again Mardé,
    I gotcha ! Hey, you deserve it, you have written some great thinking material. And knowing you, more is to come.
    So enjoy 😆

    See you soon,

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, Barbara. Much appreciated. I better live up to your expectations now and keep postin’ good stuff!


  5. Tisha’s avatar

    I’m honored Mardé and am fortunate you found me LOL so that I may discover your wisdom and wonderful sense of humor!

  6. dan1el’s avatar

    Thanks Mardé. You’ve come along way with your blog. If you’re ever in need of some help don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Cheers. Dan.

  7. Mardé’s avatar

    That’s what my wife says: she’s fortunate I found her, when actually….. LOL! Naw, just kidding.
    Glad you like my “wisdom and wonderful sense of humor”. But I’d put the humor part first and wish for the wisdom.

    Thanks very much, Dan. I think I’ll take you up on that.

  8. Missy’s avatar

    Wow, thanks! I’m truly flattered.

  9. Mardé’s avatar

    You deserve it, Missy, as a Renaissance Woman!

  10. Benedict Herold’s avatar

    A agreeable list… I have been regular reader of Ajay’s and Sevn’s blog..

  11. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, thanks Benedict. I also like your blog even though I haven’t been there in maybe a couple weeks. I particularly like your post and comments on WordPress plugins. There’s just so much to do and so little time in the blogging world. Well, you know that I’m sure. Thanks for your comment.


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