My “Thinking Blogger” Nominees

Barbara at Family-Counts has included SeevsPlace among her five choices for the “Thinking Blogger” award. Thank you, Barbara! Now my task is to select five blogs that I think deserve the award. See Just call me a Thinking Blogger for the rules. This is the first “meme” I’ve participated in.

OK, here are my selections, in random order:

Tisha has one of most active blogs around. She is always interesting, free, open, thought-provoking and enormous fun.

The Wrong Advices has a highly ironic title because the technical advice he gives is strictly top-notch. I’ve learned a great deal from him about how to improve this WordPress blog.

Missy has an extremely thoughtful, and fun-filled blog with great photos as well.

AJAY has a blog I just recently became familiar with but it’s very advanced, sophisticated, and full of great ideas well worth pursuing.

Modern Musings is another blog I just became familiar with but it’s very thought-provoking and spiritual, with thought-provoking photos as well.

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