End of Trees

We’ve hired the Q-Team, a fast working tree service company, well insured, to remove some large trees around our house, both for protection and, hopefully, to get access to that local TV satellite up in the outer reaches of the atmposphere but kind of low in the horizon. The first tree to go was a giant, aged and half-dead oak:

Here’s the Q-Team bucket truck with the man in the bucket after having sliced off a number of limbs:

Finally, here’s the remains of the tree on its way to the earth after having been sawed at its base. The camera caught the tree in mid-flight to the earth.

They’ll be back next week to do the major portion of the work: 21 pine trees, 4 oak trees (one gone already, see above), 2 maples, and 1 birch. Any tree-huggers out there? Not much time left. 😀

  1. nash’s avatar

    Glad to see you managed to get the Q-Team up on the “hill”! Has it helped the reception? Could provide more sunlight too. I noticed Zgirl had some trees cut too. Goodstuff!

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Good to hear from you, nash. (They were interesting looking cars.) The Q-Team hasn’t done the big job yet. That old tree by the road plus a couple of trees at Bunky’s place was just a teaser. 😉 They are waiting for the soil back of our house to harden a little, but I sure hope they come back this week — tomorrow would be perfect. Goodstuff!! :smile:


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