Remains of the Days

That last storm we had was a doozy, a massive nor’easter that encompassed entire New England. But we came out of it with a blaze of glorious weather, primed to rise above 70 today. However, a lot of water was left in this giant storm’s tracks. Our dead well came miraculously back to life, looking for all the world like a vernal pool:

Well, maybe it doesn’t look like a vernal pool on close inspection, but I thought it was a cool phrase in any case, signifying the beginnings of new life.

Another phenomenon of the storm was the washing out of roads. A consquence of this was the deposit of fresh mud on our land. This picture attempts to show this:

Further down in the woods there’s a big build-up of mud around some old dilapitated chairs, the terminus of the rampaging muck. But I don’t have a picture of that.

Anyway, life goes on. 😉

  1. zgirl2’s avatar

    That sure was some storm! What a way to end “win-Tah.”

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yup, whatta win-Tah. Even the real Mainers had to agree. (And it may not be over yet! nudge nudge wink wink) Well, on May 10th one year back in the mid-70’s we had a huge snowstorm. It can happen here.


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