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Here’s an excellent article entitled Torture, Secrecy and the Bush Administration by Scott Horton in his new blog called “No Comment”, an ironic blog-title in view of the linked article. The article is easy to read, goes into pre-constitutional history and shares with us the story of John Lilburne who in the early 1600s challenged the English legal system of the time.

The Lilburne case established that courts of justice ought to be free and open and not behind closed doors. Right of council was guaranteed for the first time and the prisoner in the dock was to be treated with dignity and respect, not dragged before the court in manacles and an orange jumpsuit.

But Horton points out that secrecy has reemerged just as torture has made its comeback: the Bush administration has created in Gitmo a “Brazil”, Terry Gilliam’s famous movie about torture and secrecy carried to their logical extremes, but without any pretense of humor.

Check out the whole article. It’s well-worth a read.


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