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This will be a post in progress. Time is short, so I’ll do a little at a time. First of all there is Juan Cole who I read every morning. If you want detailed, objective knowledge about what’s going on in the Middle East from a long-time expert who speaks Arabic and Farsi, read Juan.

Then there’s one that Juan Cole often references for an objective overview. This is the IraqSlogger which I checked out for the first time this morning. Unlike typical mainstream reporting in the USA which usually screams out al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda, whenever there’s a suicide bombing in Iraq, this site really does a detailed analysis and looks for the truth by covering many sources without aiming for spin which helps the Bush administration. Here’s their overview of the Iraqi Parliament bombing.

Here’s an interesting paragraph from Juan Cole this morning:
There was this spate of headlines about the Iraq parliament bombing that said “Bush condemns Bombing of Iraq Parliament.” Why do American journalists do that? Is that really news? Did anyone entertain some doubt as to whether he would be pleased? In my view it is just a way for the White House to influence the news cycle and put a spin on the news (now it is not about how terrible the bombing was, but about Bush’s disapproval). I’m not complaining about mentioning the condemnation way down in the article, the way the LA Times did. I mean where you make it the lede and headline. It is this kowtowing by editors to Karl “Benedict Arnold” Rove’s spin machine that got us into this mess.

I’ve added the links to Juan Cole and IraqSlogger to an ALTERNATIVE MEDIA category on the right sidebar.

  1. chris davis’s avatar

    good morning mardi,
    i like this spot of your information, otherwise known as your blog. i don’t read newspapers but once a week, or watch tv (though i have thoroughly enjoyed Seinfeld and Bart Simpson in the past; and movies i like), so i am pleasantly ignorant. i think your blog will me my re-intro to what is going on in different places of the world. i have never been one to need to know/hear about the horrendous things that people and nations to to one another and collectively in order to be motivated to do my share of helping / cleaning up / creating new systems to allow awareness and functioning at a higher vibration. in fact i plug my ears a lot. i like your articles and recommendations though, and will visit often. i’m glad you are taking the time to write.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    That’s the way, Chris. Check here for your latest news and even philosophical religious rants! Thanks for commenting, Chris.



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