Oh No, Not Another Snowstorm!

Yup, we got one. It’s been piling up since noon, pretty wet stuff with the temp around 32. But now the temp is in the high 20s. So, how much will we get? I’ll see in the morning. I’m wondering if our luck has run out in terms of electrical power. OK, we’ve got the generator and I pre-shoveled the space for it in the old snow out the back door. That was this morning before the new snow began. So, I’ll have to re-shovel the new snow if we do lose power for an extended period. Hey, will I get a chance to go snow shoeing yet again? Looks like it, but the snow will be wet. Whoooops, the light flickered. I’d better publish this post before the lights go out!
:roll: :smile:

Update: OK, we didn’t lose power after all, lucky again! They did lose power in some parts of Bridgton but not in little old Denmark (Maine). However, my Sears snow thrower konked out on me — no more motion, i.e. it does not run. Looks like I broke a belt the snow was so heavy and wet. I had the driveway about half done so I had to resort to shoveling. The snow thrower’s under extended warranty so I called Sears. They’ll come next Thursday, about three days after the next storm. Good timing?

  1. Xerendipity’s avatar

    Hello Mard,

    Thanks for the link into your Blogroll! 😛 I found this site interesting with a different blog concept! 😆

  2. Mard’s avatar

    Thanks Xerendipity, I’m still evolving my blog concept, where it goes nobody knows. 😕


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