Blogged down….

Yup, I’m bogged down in blogs, i.e. blogged down! 😉 This WordPress blog I’m using is oh so powerful and feature heavy. Trouble is, the php code it uses is complicated! I was a whiz, or thought I was, at one time with Tcl and Perl, other interpretive languages, but this php stuff! Whew! 😯 Also, the architecture of WordPress is still confusing me. Ah well, maybe I’m losing it! 😆

And then there’s all the blog material out there I should be reading and commenting on. How do I expect to have readers if I don’t read other people’s blogs? But why do I want readers? What am I trying to prove? What is my blog, SeevsPlace, about anyway? “The Wrong Advices” blog is giving me lots of ideas, and things to think about, but then it takes me time to implement his good suggestions. (No, they’re not “wrong advices”; they’re “good advices”; too bad he named it the former as he himself discusses.)

Like right now I have both “Similar Posts” and StatCounter implemented but not fully. I’m stuck on how to get the Similar Posts results to appear on the posts, although I’m reading the Help stuff, and in the case of StatCounter it seems unclear to me how they suggest blocking my own hits from being counted in the hit counts. This all takes time for me to sort out. Complain! Complain! :sad:

So, who out there is willing to give this old guy a suggestion or two?? :roll:

  1. dan1el’s avatar

    Marde you just reminded me I haven’t put the code on my site to stop StatCounter from counting my hits.

    I just had a look at the source code for your site and there are some weird things going on. Did you put the StatCounter code in the footer.php file?

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    I put the source code given by StatCounter in a Text widget, and then placed it in my left sidebar. At first I had the hit count showing and then I decided to use their ad instead.

    Weird things going on in the source code on my site? Geepers! Possible to give me an example on this?

    Thanks very much, Dan, for your comment.

  3. dan1el’s avatar

    well you have the and tags showing up around the widget. im pretty sure that shouldn’t be there. But not to worry everythings working so it’s all good.

    Usually you put stat code in the footer but it should work fine in the sidebar.

    I’ll try to post what you need to replace your current stat code with. It might not display properly but ill try.

    var sc_project=2428515;
    var sc_invisible=0;
    var sc_partition=23;
    var sc_security="361202f8";


  4. dan1el’s avatar

    didnt work. can you send me an email and ill try to send it that way.

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    OK, thanks Dan, I’ve got the thing working now thanks to your corrections sent via email. BRAVO! One more step on my road to a more perfect blogdom.


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