Yet Another Snowstorm!

It missed April Fool’s day by a few days, striking in the wee hours of Thursday, April 5th. The depth of 12 to 14 inches which I measured out in our driveway exceeds the other storms by more than an inch. Here’s a picture looking up toward the road from our side porch. The top of the well head is visible and a lot of wet snow is clinging to that tree.

But it’s all melting fast and may be gone in a few days. I had a heck of a time cleaning off the driveway this morning. The heavy wet snow put quite a strain on the snow thrower. I had to run over most tracks a couple times. Breaking through to the street was a chore but Nye came to the rescue. Here’s a shot of the driveway from beside the garage in late morning. The driveway is already bare. Cynthia did the walking path.

  1. barbara’s avatar

    Hi Mardé,
    It looks like Spring is off to a slow start in your corner of Maine!
    This year, the over-warm winter temps in France, spared me from shoveling some snow.I’am the one that shovels at our house !
    Thank you for sharing and hope you thaw out soon .

  2. NK’s avatar

    Hey Boss,

    What’s with the tag business…I click and nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Should I ask John?



  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Jah, I know. But doesn’t it link you back to the same post again? Or to another post with the same tag? Maybe there’s something wrong. I’ll check it before you ask John. 😕

  4. nash’s avatar

    Nice work on the driveway OG!

  5. Tisha’s avatar

    Oh my not very spring like but so beautiful at least from where I’m sitting! Happy Easter Mardé!

  6. Mardé’s avatar

    Naw, it shuwah haint vewy springlike, but heah in Maine ya gotta be tuf! 👿

    Thanks for the Happy Easter, Tisha, and same to you!


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