Can you read this?

Haydn Hymn
I posted this video of you, Seev, singing, and somebody has posted some comments in another language (I’m assuming German?) about the video.

It could just be spam, or a “hater” (as they’re known in the YouTube community), but their are 4 comments by the same individual, and I have no idea what they say.

  1. zgirl2’s avatar

    Woops, never mind. I mentioned this dilema to Don, and he told me about a free transaltion site ( Here is what the comments say (Kind of strange and eerie, but that’s the internet for ya!):

    God receives Franz, that emperors show, our’ n good emperor Franz, highly as a ruler, highly as, he stands in
    the renown’ brightness. Dear winds Lorbeerreiser it to eternally green wreath. God receives Franz, the
    emperor, our’ n good emperor Franz!
    masterofacdcsuckaS (1 day ago)

    Over blooming Gefilde, its scepter passes far and extend. Columns of its throne are mild, honest sense and
    Redlichkeit. And of its crest signs, the justice radiates. God receives Franz the emperor, unsern good
    emperor Franz! to decorate Itself masterofacdcsuckaS (1 day ago)

    3. with
    virtues, he respects the worries appraise. , Around peoples to earth back, the sword does not flame in its
    hand; to bless, to delight it, is the price that it desires. God receives Franz the emperor, unsern good
    emperor Franz! masterofacdcsuckaS (1 day ago)

    4. he broke the servitudes
    volumes, lifted us to the freedom upwards. Early it experience German countries, German peoples of highest
    Flor and would hear yet at the edge of late vault the grandson choir: God receives Franz the emperor, unsern
    good emperor Franz!

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    It looks to me like a German speaker is replacing the words with a perhaps comical German version involving the good Kaiser Franz.

    How did you like that ponderous singing though? Pretty labored and heavy, huh? Not exactly your fast-moving 21rst century jazzy rock and roll stuff, huh? LOL
    😆 rotfl lmao !!!

    (I’ll have to add a list of smilies to the comment spaces. :-) )

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    OHMAGOD!! zgirl2! You snuck your comment in front of mine just as I was editing mine. But that’s OK. Makes it all the funnier! I’m not so sure what that word “masterofacdcsuckaS” means though. Hate to think what it could mean. I guess the lyrics aren’t supposed to be funny necessarily. But anyway, there they are. Good job, zgirl2! :-)

  4. zgirl2’s avatar

    “masterofacdcsuckaS” is the moniker of the commenter. I checked out his/her YouTube site, and he/she claims to be 18 years old from Austria. No videos uploaded on the page.

    Well, your singing brings life to the piece, that much I know!

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Well, thanks Kate. Glad you think I brought a little life to it.

    Maybe I’ll ask one of my former Austrian colleagues to see if he/she might know the origin of that German script.

  6. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, you know the title of that hymn is Austria, so certainly Haydn wrote it as a sort of national anthem for Austria. I bet the Kaiser Franz in the German words is the Emperor Franz Joseph, who in the movie Amadeus at one point says, “Too many notes, Wolfie!” to the poor, struggling Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

  7. zgirl2’s avatar

    That sounds about right.

  8. Mardé’s avatar

    Johann Nittmann, a former colleague of mine from Austria, gave me permission to add his comments about that German version:

    Under “Kaiser Franz” the guy means “Franz Beckenbauer” – famous German soccer team captain in the 70s – also called “Kaiser Franz” – since he was a majestic player and he became world champion with his team – which made the German nation very proud! He then became the national coach and I believe he won again the world championship or at least came close. He is a major personality in Germany.

    I suppose the words must be close to the real hymn which I believe is the old Austrian national hymn during Kaiser Franz Joseph rain in the 19 century which later became the German hymn after WW2? My mother would know the details. Also I am certain that the rime the guy came up is probably a standard rime written by somebody a while ago for Franz Beckenbauer. I believe I have heard it before! Hope this helps!

    So this sheds a whole new light on it! Very interesting. Thank you, Johann, for this new information. It helps to be familiar with the language and culture of a foreign (to us here in the USofA) land.

  9. zgirl2’s avatar

    Oh ok, thanks. So I see this commentor on the YouTube video was being a wise-en-hiemer. Good to know.

  10. Tisha’s avatar

    Awesome to see you live Mardé, thoroughly enjoyed your singing!

    I should know German, being an official language of Belgium and all but I’m still behind on my Dutch LOL

  11. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey Tisha! Glad to hear from you again. Thanks for watching that video. I don’t know about the singing but we had fun with that olde Papa Haydn melody. (Hope he didn’t roll over in his grave!)

    Good luck with that Dutch. What a language! I never really learned it during my two years there, but daughter Kate (that’s zgirl2) became fluent. She would say, “Dad, don’t try to speak Dutch to me!” She was six at the time.

  12. zgirl2’s avatar

    What a gift it would be to be that 6 year old again for a day, and be able to understand and speak both languages! Plus, the only “aches & pains” would be a scraped knee or something.

    Yes, good luck, Tisha, with Dutch.. I tried to “re-learn” it when I was in my early 20’s (we moved back to America when I was 7 and quickly lost the language), and it was too tricky for me that second time around as an adult. :)

  13. Tisha’s avatar

    Marde, zgirl2 father and daughter I had no idea…awesome!

    Interesting I am over at Supercool School participating in a lecture and discussion on memory and I asked:

    “Some of my French speaking Belgium friends who were ‘forced’ to learn Dutch in school seemed to have blocked all that they learned back then. Is there a way to regain that knowledge?”

    I was thinking of my husband when I wrote that, poor boy and the lecturer said that hypnosis would be a way. Imagine me telling my hubby that!? I can just see his response, I didn’t want to learn it the first time around! LOL

  14. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, I remember from our time in the Netherlands that Belgium is split, north and south, between the Dutch part (Flemish) and the French part, and never the twain shall meet seemed to be a popular view. Sounds like your hubby was from the southern half but had to learn the northern half’s language as well? Yup, I can imagine that he couldn’t be hypnotized easily!

    Well, in the case of zgirl2 (Kate) she learned Dutch from her little friends whole paragraphs at a time, at least that’s the way it seemed to us, while we were struggling with individual words, accents, grammar, etc.. It’s amazing about language skills; the young are ready to absorb while the old have things locked in.
    😕 <— gotta try one of those smilies

  15. nash’s avatar


    master of ACDC suckas

    ACDC is a rock and roll band and an abreviation for both alternating current and direct current

  16. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, good analysis, nash! Yes, ACDC is quite the name. Is he saying the band sucks? Good job, nash.

    Do you remember the old nash automobiles, nash? They were pretty good in their day.

  17. nash’s avatar

    😯 😀 ❓


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