The Maine Mud Season

Yup, the mud season is upon us here in Maine. You should see the road outside our house! I’ll try to get a picture tomorrow and post it here. The dirt road, which was hard as a rock a couple weeks ago, is now riveted with deep muddy ruts. It’s a good thing we have an all-wheel drive Subaru. We got the car washed today and then had to drive it through these ruts to get into our driveway. So, why did we bother getting the car washed? Well, we at least wanted the upper half of the car to look clean. Better half a car than no car! LOL
😆 😈
OK, here’s a shot of the road I took this afternoon (3/27/2007):

You can see our driveway entrance in the upper left. Pretty yukky, huh?
😈 😆

  1. NK’s avatar

    Guess what season is coming next??

    You gotta be tough to live in Maine :-)


  2. Mard’s avatar

    Jah! I know! It’s the bug season! We get black flies and ticks. Ticks you can’t kill, you know. The only way to handle them is flush them down the toilet. (But I’m dreading the day when they all decide to return from the depths!) And Black Flies! They don’t just bite, they suck!

    Yup, you gotta be tough to live in Maine! 😆


  3. Missy’s avatar

    Oh yuck–I feel your pain.

  4. Mard’s avatar

    Hey, they’re scraping the road out front. Gigantic scraping machine is crunching up the road, digging out the ruts and smoothing them over, I presume. I haven’t been out there yet to check. Maybe they’re throwing some fresh sand and gravel down on the road too.

    Is the mud season coming to an end? Black flies, where are you? And ticks? Those wicked arachnids are starting to disgorge themselves from mother earth, feeling the need for fresh blood.

    Ya gotta be tough to live in Maine!


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