Saint Patrick’s Day Blizzard!

Yes, another blizzard has come and gone, the third major one this year. I think we got about a foot of snow and it came with a crust of icy sleet. The snow blower had a little trouble because cakes of the icy top snow would fall off to the side of the snow blower’s path. Slowing it down to lowest speed helped a lot but then patience was required because of the slowness. Anyway, we managed to clear enough of the driveway to get out cleanly and Cynthia helped with the path from the front door, and a bit toward the oil inlet, using a shovel whereas I used a machine — not that I could have done the driveway with a shovel.

I used my snowshoes to go around back and free up the door from the downstairs level, and then I headed across the street and up toward the hill but turned around when I got to the stone wall crossing our land at the upper end. It was quiet with no sign of animals including squirrels.

Yesterday, before the storm came, I was able to walk on top of the residual snow without my snowshoes because we’d had a couple of good freezes the previous two nights. I did sink in a few times in a few spots but mostly it was clear sailing — not that I actually sailed over the frozen snow. I saw more deer tracks than I had in quite some time and clearly those fellows were getting ready to forage down toward our shrubs again. However, this blizzard will put a stop to that for now. But in another week they’ll be raring to go as the snow melts away.

  1. NK’s avatar

    I tell you: You gotta be tough to live in Maine!


  2. Mardy’s avatar

    That’s the way, Boss. Right on! This morning we’re even going to church through another couple inches of wet snow that fell last night. Boy, ya gotta be tough up here!


  3. Waugh’s avatar

    Ya gotta be smart to live in NC. No investment in either snow shovels or snow blowers. The Bradford Pear trees burst into bloom this past week….to last but a few days as a harbinger of the azaleas and dogwoods now getting ready.

  4. Mardy’s avatar

    Hey, you gotta be right, Waugh, and I must be doing the masochism tango again, torturing myself by “being tough in Maine” while you watch the pear trees burst into bloom and anticipate the azaleas and dogwoods. Oh well, I asked for it. :-(

    And hey, thanks for posting a comment! Yours is the first new one in a long time other than ones from my loyal supporters, zgirl and NK. They’ll be happy to share the load? :-) :-)

  5. zgirl2’s avatar

    Yes Waugh, welcome! NK & I have a heavy load to carry here, so your input is welcome.. Us tough, shivering old crusty “Maine-ahs” love to hear about the bursting Bradford Pear blooms and the potential azaleas and dogwoods.. We are still bud-less up here.

    Patience is a vital when living in a winter Maine. Yep.


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